The big day is here! One thing i learnt about this is Tawakal. I’ll update about all the experience after everything. May my other BTBs getting married today have a smooth event. In shaa Allah 😘



Eh susah juga eh nak keep up with the daily entry. Now i am on my off days, i already find it hard. How about when i am working eh? Excuses eh girl but if i ever stop halfway, it means i just love hibernating more, hahah. 

Recently, i have been sourcing out for religious classes to kick start myself all over again. I did went for weekly madrasah classes when i was younger and of course it stop halfway when you reach that age. I did went for weekly classes with my cousin when i was taking my degree but when i start work, all became haywire. I blame the shifts routine but honestly, i should blame myself for finding excuses again and again. 

So ever since the fact that i know i am getting married to someone soon, i need to brush up on everything. Basic is always important. I am noway near good either and i have a lot of things to learn. So recently my good friend and i have been sourcing out weekly basic classes for an old 25 year old us. Most places are all in the East and over the weekend which is hard for me to commit because my Supervisor won’t allow me to take weekend off so often. So weekday is the best option. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to find a centre that is situated near our place. But we got to find out more about their registration and stuffs since they are by attendance to get the certificate. We aimed to start from bottom and brush up our existing knowledge and slowly go up. I don’t know how far this will go but really, i pray this will bring me far as far as i have already achieved in terms of westernised school in my life. Even if i don’t in the future, i pray it will help me change my current lifestyle into something better so that i will have a balance of both. I don’t want to stay focusing on this Dunya always when i know ultimately i’ll die and face my Creator. Its scary and its time i do something for myself. 

In shaa Allah, may Allah swt help my friend and i in finding ourselves back and getting on the right path which we once get on and get off just because of this world pressure. 

December Sale!

My leave is ending soon and it is too fast this time round. I can’t believe it that i am returning back to my shit hole again. I used to love what i was doing until the job scope is becoming more bullshit and not forgetting the endless paperwork. I love hands on more than paperwork. I rather interact with my clients and attend to their activity of daily living than to chase after medical professional of their responsibilities and give in to demanding requests when nobody even bother about the nursing welfare in the first place. Screw this! I am always cranky whenever i think about work. This shall pass soon, in shaa Allah.

93 days more and it seems forever to me. Ever since i hit the one year of engagement and going into the two digits countdown made me excited. I am excited to start the phase of sharing my life with someone whom is as excited and grateful to have me in his life too though i know it won’t be an easy ride but nobody says it is going to be difficult either. So it is the month that everyone have been waiting for, DECEMBER! Sales everywhere! Okay, kidding, it can’t be everywhere. So usually we BTBs will use this sale period to get our wedding stuffs but it was the otherwise for me. I am slacking all day err day instead. I had catch up session with my girlfriend and hang out with my Fiance instead of doing productive planning for the last phase of the wedding. But i shall try to do something about it by weekend, i hope.

So sale period means you just need to get your ass out and window shop right? So i brought my mother and little sister to town yesterday. I went out with Fiance the other day and found something i love from Charles & Keith but told Mr that i will head to town first before making my purchase for a bag. Town outlet for C&K carry more designs and i had 3 in mind but we head over to Takashimaya instead. So we had lunch at the KFC itself but my eyes was focusing on all the items for housing essentials nearby. I had discussion with my mother like how the marked down items seems too good but nafsu seorang wanita untuk barang memang last warning. The next thing i know i was already roaming around the cookware area and comparing prices. I remember my colleague telling me that i should start buying my essentials slowly whenever there is sale and mother had the same thinking too. So i ended up shopping a set of cookware for my future home! I was such a fussy shopper and my mother gave up with me. They had the cookware in tiffany blue and i kept asking the promoter if they do sell a set in Tiffany Blue but sadly, NO! I was that sad and even the person knew it must be my favourite colour. I was so scared to make the purchase because you want to get the best yet the best deal. But after much rounding and comparison, i bought the brand GREENPAN! Honestly, i only know three brands – Tefal, Happycall and Vision. Mother kept saying ceramic is good but expensive. She kept on chanting it and it went into my head. Future husband is a food lover and of course, i would love to see my cooking skills improving overtime and seeing my husband eating everyday at home and have his butt glued to home. So i decided to invest in a good brand for the benefit of my own husband and future children. No chemicals and whats not. So i hope i did made the right choice. I was a happy girl after purchasing it but i suffered carrying it around Town. I wished Mr did followed me to town so that i could get more stuffs! hehehe.

Then i continued my window shopping with hope i could find a chopping board organizer that could differentiate between the meat/vegetable/fish/fruit chopping board. I found one but the price was beyond madness. Below picture is the sample but it cost $159! A smaller version cost $89! I told Mr that i would love to have it and his replied was in CAPS LOCK! Hahaha. Imagine if he was in front of me, he will be giving me this look ‘are you crazy?’ and i will give a muka sedih tetapi comel biar dia cair and eventually said yes to buying it but of course, fat hope and i know it was too expensive. So i am determined to find the kind i want somewhere else. My mother gave up with my hygiene freak self. Plus i won’t eat leftover food that is usually more than 24 hours. Plus i have this crazy plan of having sticky date label on my dishes Tupperware if i ever need to store it in the fridge. Thanks to Nursing, i am turning into this but because i hate having food poisoning. It’s miserable to have that because of spoilt food or poor hygiene. However, if anybody got any recommendation on a cheaper version, your opinion will be greatly appreciated!

So I thought that was all but i ended up hours at another level. Self-pampering and i got myself something new. I was enjoying it so much because I am always hard on myself when it comes to shopping but when i let myself free, only my love ones and girlfriend know how i can really shop. Plus its December! I deserve to treat myself to something good after months of savings. Once a year affair! I told Mr that i felt like some taitai and when i reached home, my mother told him, ‘look at what your Fiancee bought for herself today’ and he replied, ‘she told me she like one taitai today and i guess i just need to OT more’. But i believe strongly that a woman who pamper herself with good stuffs without using her man money and yet have her own income and saving is an independent woman.

I have yet to get over with the wedding but i have already started to shop for my new home and i can’t wait to get more over time. The only way not to feel the pinch of spending so much at one go. Time for me to have my own personal time soon so that i can come out with a list of items i need to get for my new place. Plus, actually, i am going to get few items from my parents, my future in-laws and grandparents which they said they never used at all and i could put it to good use instead. WAHHH! Why this sound more exciting than planning my wedding eh, i wonder…

Lots of love,