Recently or is it a few weeks back Mr randomly told me that we need to start sourcing our for our renovation and I need to make up my mind of the kind of flooring i want for our future place. Downside of SBF flat, you don’t have a choice to choose for opt-in or opt-out. So the unit we selected have these : HDB tiles (out), kitchen partition wall (in), internal doors & sanitary fittings (in). So of course, we need to sort out flooring first before anything. I am so going to hack the kitchen partition wall by half or into whatever design that i already had in mind. Lastly, i am going to change the internal doors for my toilet too.

Mr had his mind on Evorich Flooring Group because most of seniors recommended it to him. They have various flooring products. Even his elder sister is using this kind of flooring and it has a life-time warranty etc. I, on the other end, dislike the design because its woody kind of look. I cannot imagine my house flooring so woody. I prefer big, clean, square and bright coloured tiles like white, off-white or light grey. Flooring that i can do mopping if its oily etc. Flooring like my parent’s place especially but of course, i don’t know where to find it. I need to do more research and ask my dad what are tiles called.

We both are planning to make this our first and last abode, in shaa Allah but if our future were destined otherwise and we are allowed to upgrade to a better accommodation, why not? But of course, that is way out of our future league. So i hope we can do proper and good renovation for our future place. Invest in good materials with simple design to call home. So i believe rushing is a no go for this kind of things. I am going to drag my parents along too during the ID hopping to get their opinion because sometimes their opinion will really help. I am in love with the ID that renovate both my Aunts place so i may consider to enquire their ID. Another ID will be cozyspace because i love their simplicity. My colleagues said i should do ID hopping now slowly and some said to choose stone or marble for my kitchen top. But i am planning to do ID hopping after wedding instead so that at least, i can think through properly and think straight too. That’s the best time, to see your final financial status and how much can be spend for renovation itself because achieving no loan or low loan amount is very vital. If no loan, even better but of course, Mr’s friend  advice us to take loan but use that loan money to invest short-term contract and eventually pay back the loan in a lump sum.

So recently, i became too lazy ass that i did not do anything productive other than to eat, sleep and watch television because its just the time of the month. Not to forget, getting too clingy to Mr that i hate the sight of myself being like that. Not getting his attention will means i will end up sulking and sleeping it off. Perangai pecah! But i know he love having a clingy fiancee because most of the time, i love to be on my own and be as independent as i can. The lazy ass but want to be productive self actually downloaded this application Qanvast! I don’t know how good or reliable the app is since i have yet to try getting any quotation from any of the IDs but i used it as a platform for design basis. So it is something like pinterest. You can pin/love the design you like and put it according to the board that you name/organize. Since then, i have been glued to my phone looking through designs after designs which eventually got me confused. They even have a 12 page guide: Budgeting for your Home Renovation. I have yet to read through it but saved it under my Ibook for future reference. They have other guide articles on their website/application. Even i read through that based on the picture (design) you love and other details (budget, concept etc), they will matched you to 3/5 ID firms and get a quotation from them. If you take up with the IDs that were recommended by Qanvast for your renovation and halfway through, they run away or whatever, they will payback a certain amount of money (if i remember correctly, 50%?). Macam ganti rugi gitulah kan. So i am on the roll for kitchen designs and i have love to many pictures. Not to forget toilet too! But i am so fussy about the living room instead. They even sell products with cashback. So i have been favouriting their sinks/taps for future reference since i may forget what i actually had in mind eventually.

So dear Abode of ours, continue to build yourself up well, firm up well too and be ready for us okay because we are excited to be your owner already. We have always looked at other sites but little did we realised, you were there all along, near us, waiting for us to select you and invest in you though you are the most expensive long-term investment. But in shaa Allah, it will a worthful investment between my future husband and myself because you will be the witness to every growth of ours as husband and wife, the shelter for us against rain and shine, the safest playground for our kids to play one day and not to forget, you will always be the first gift my future husband actually get for me, a home, to protect me against evil and harm.

Thank you love for working hard always to fulfill my needs and dreams although you love to annoy me with i need to OT more if i spend too much. There isn’t anything more manly than a husband protecting and doing his best for his wife. In exactly 90 days, in shaa Allah, it will be us sealing and signing our vows and Allah swt will be one of the witness among many of the other witnesses.

Back to work tomorrow, prrft! Counting down to my next leave already, I CAN DO THIS!

Lots of love,




Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.00.54 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.01.07 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.01.58 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.02.24 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.02.46 pm

Pardon some of the error in the design since i don’t really know how to use it but i got the rough idea on how i wish it to look like. Hopefully with this piece, i can slowly improve on it and eventually get some pictures (designs) from different ID(s) as reference. I don’t know how am i going to survive with just one refrigerator and one washing machine since i have been living with 2 refrigerators and 2 washing machines my whole life at my parent’s place. I had fun doing it though i am having backache right now.

That aside, i have found the bridal that i really madly in love with but the person have yet to reply with the package quotation. It is sad but i just going to have faith in whatever coming my way. If it’s meant to be mine, it will especially when they have the last slot for the preferred wedding date. I wish Mr Fiancé was not working today so that we could have a meet-up session with them but Allah swt knows best eventually.

Alhamdulillah for the rain 😊

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️

I am supposed to go out with my mother to one of the fair at Pioneer to take a look at one of the bridal showcase but plan failed. Plus, i am getting more confused on how to proceed with wedding planning. I don’t know what to decide and which decision is the best especially when at the back of your head, you’re thinking of cost-saving decision. Mother suggested i should just have bridal so that it ease my burden to find wedding outfits. So i did exactly what she said just to end up feeling more confused after seeing so many quotations. For once, i felt stress over this. How do you BTBs do it, seriously?

Wedding aside. I managed to google and read up about ‘how to go on your house renovation’ and one of the bloggers state on how her husband uses this website (floor to plan and view their dream house. So i decided to tried it just now and it turned out pretty cool. You can add furnitures etc in the whole plan. So best part, you can even use it as part of one of the few documents or floor plan to be given to potential interior design companies. So here was what i did the whole afternoon trying to occupy myself and relief the tension in me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.59.15 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.59.47 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-02 at 4.00.23 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-02 at 4.00.00 pm

I decided to amend some of the door allocation since based on the floor plan given from HDB it seems dotted, so i adjusted the way i wish it to be placed. Its available in both 2D and 3D. Of course, once i clicked the 3D view, i got excited. So that’s how my future home going to look like if i can see it individually. I tried my best to have the same dimension as it is in the floor plan but well, its very hard. I gave myself 0.1-0.3 metres difference. Well, after all its just drawing from a no background person.

So saved under #projectsbxsr future home! I shall add in furnitures next time. If there is any patterns flooring/wall colour (paints) that will even be more awesome since i have yet to totally figure it out. So to couples out there who is waiting for their new home and figuring out what to do with your future home, maybe you can give this a try if you want to. Its free! Click on the link – FloorPlanner

I managed to read few blog posts in regards to their home renovation, both resale and BTO. Pretty much picked up a few pointers here and there. However, i am still searching for more learning points. One pointer was some couples began their search for potential IDs a year before their BTO complete versus 3/4 months before. So i guess its never wrong for me to start early (but screw this, i am not even planning my wedding well enough yet i am talking about what? My own future home?!). There are many more things for me to really read up since my first main priority for the new home is flooring which i have pretty much know what type of tiles to choose after reading up.

Okay, breathe. I will continue to keep calm and try my best to continue with the wedding planning. Such a boo boo with this seriously even though it seems exciting yet it seems confusing. Another 343 days, still long way to go right? or wrong?

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️

Yung Kuang Court

Lets do some update on BTO since there isn’t much progress on wedding preparation other than surveying for wedding rings which was actually fun yet confusing though. It will be a lengthy post ahead, so beware.

Selection of Unit

So on the appointment date itself, i made my way to Toa Payoh HDB Hub with my mother. My mother being well, of course, my mother. She kept asking me if we will reach earlier than the appointment date because if we reach earlier, you can choose earlier and you will surely get a unit. Of course, that explains the over-excited mother of mine and true enough, we reached earlier by 30-45 minutes but no, i did not adhere to her wants of going to the place as soon as we reach the Toa Payoh MRT Station. I made her ate her breakfast because she cannot go without food or next thing i know, she will have her dizzy spells.

As stupid as this sound, i lost my way to HDB Hub (laugh). My mother scolded me for losing our way because that means we are losing out on time. My mother yet again. Soon, we arrived and i took my queue number. It was very early so there wasn’t much people either. There were a few chinese couple and around 1/2 malay couple nearby us. We sat and patiently wait for our turn. There was this television show casing their estate areas with the number of units left but its not updated so i did not bother looking. My mum kept looking at it and bugging me to search on the website since their website is updated regularly. So i did and there was still 2 units left for Malay quota. Mr Fiance is not someone that will text during work just like me but that day was an exception. All he did was texting me and asking if everything was alright. He even specifically informed that if he need to be there, he will take urgent leave even though he is still on probation. That shows how much he wants this unit too but of course, i assured him i could handle everything provided there is still unit left for selection.

Soon, it was our turn. Since its a temporary office, its not entirely a room. Its like an office with separated tables etc like how teachers will seat at their desk table in teachers room, if you can imagine. So my mother and i got greeted by an Indian lady. She is nice but yet scary. Maybe because its still early in the morning. So once seated she asked for all the necessary documents. Mr Fiance authorised my mother to be there on his behalf but apparently, the authorisation letter was not even a need since i was already there but the staff informed that during the signing of agreement lease, both parties need to be there unless you don’t mind paying hundreds for a lawyer for letter of Attorney.

I have filed all my documents nicely and even label each divider accordingly. So when the staff needs this or that document, i just got to flip to the specific divider. I am also someone that over-prepared but the over-preparation was more to AHG/SHG grant application which i will describe separately in the later part. Since i was busy handling paper work with the staff, my mum and Mr Fiance started texting each other. My mother updated every single thing but at the same time, she kept whispering to my ears, ‘so is it confirmed that you already get the unit?’ and i just shrugged my shoulder. Then she will give me this look of ‘ALAAAAAAAA‘. Till she can’t hold it back anymore, she asked the staff, ‘so is it confirmed that my daughter will get a unit already?’ and the staff replied, ‘before selection, i need to settle the paper documents first’. So after much of surrendering of documents etc, it was time to SELECT MY UNIT!

So the staff went asking which block and level but i was like but there was only one block for me to choose. She went telling me they don’t know anything but of course, i did my homework the day before. Mr Fiance and i managed to get our first choice. It was that fast. However, while selecting and confirming i heard someone shouting in the background of my mother phone but i didn’t ask who since i was still busy. Subsequently, the staff went away from the desk table and i turned to my right to look at my mother. We went, ‘Alhamdulillah‘ for countless of times and our eyes were both filled with tears of joy. Imagine a mother and a daughter moment together. Then, mum played a voice memo and that shouting sound was actually Mr Fiance shouted ‘YAY‘ at work. I am truly blessed to get a unit of my own with my future husband especially when its 10-15 minutes walk to each of our respective parents abode. So i made the payment on the spot, thankfully my NETS approved the $2000 limit since i totally forgot what limit i set to. So i standby my other cards instead it got rejected. (After that went shopping and used the case card, got rejected at Challenger because i forgot i have reached the limit. PYSEI) But anyway, i will get that $2000 soon in a matter of time. It took around 30-45 minutes and the whole appointment ended again with my mother asking, ‘so my daughter confirmed get a unit already right?’ and the staff went, ‘Yes Mdm. Don’t worry, your daughter got a unit already’ and i was like not again Mom.

The whole journey after that was about my mother and i talking together about housing and renovation ideas. It did bring back tons of memories for my mother because she went to story-tell about her HDB experience with my dad. How she was so scared to go the appointment herself since dad was a sailor back then till dad need to have a lawyer for the letter of Attorney but ended up not using it because he was in Singapore. Even my dad was excited that he contacted mum and i could hear his happiness because he talked too loud.


This is pretty direct too because on the appointment date while selecting the units, if you are eligible for the grant they will automatically print the application form and asked you to sign. So which i have earlier described, i over-prepared all the necessary documents required for the application which includes all the past months payslips which thankfully i did it because i could ask certain questions along the way. Moreover, i was uncertain if they required Mr Fiance’s payslips since he was still serving National Service and allowance is not considered pay right? But the staff took away all his NS payslips and kept it. But of course, there was other pending documents since its a grant, they will not anyhow grant that to you without proper documents or further evaluating your income status. So one month period payslip of mine was not available because i was on no-pay-leave. So i got to sign extra document to prove that i was on no-pay-leave because i was undertaking my study during this period duration, something like you got to ‘angkat sumpah‘ but its on a paper. Mr Fiance and i came down another day together again because Mr Fiance got to sign that document to state which period to which period he was serving NS. The second time coming down, the staff was more friendly and everything ended within 5-10 minutes. But the waiting game was another killer. Thankfully, Mr Fiance part was all settle and they did not required other documents but they required many other documents from me. So i kept getting letters from HDB saying i have pending documents. I received around 3-4 letters stating they needed this document and after submitting, another letter came in and state they need these few others. It is that troublesome because probably i was on no-pay leave and subsequently, i resume service with my company. So there was loopholes here and there. Of course, to get grant will never be easy. Its a huge amount of money to begin with.

However, came the last letter, they state if i failed to meet to their documents needed, my unit that i selected may be cancelled which means i am going to lose my future dream home. Of course, the documents i could submit except one and that particular document has always been in the letters. Plus, HDBpage decided not to co-operate with me and i could not submit it online. However, i was lazy to make my way from Jurong to Toa Payoh too. So i remember i was assigned to a HDB liaison officer. I decided to submit an email with the attached documents with statement of unavailability to another of the document to HDB email, another attention to my liaison officer and also made my way to the nearest HDB office to submit it. Thankfully, this Malay uncle who worked at HDB helped me and i realised there was another way to submit documents online other than HDBpage. Of course, i learnt it the hard way. On the same day itself, i received a call from HDB confirming why i couldn’t submit this particular document then i got pretty annoyed till i said, ‘i took no-pay-leave because i self-sponsor my own study so of course, i won’t have any sponsorship agreement letter with my company’. After that call, i received email stating that are processing my grant and i will get the grant status in 6 weeks time.

Alhamdulillah! No more letters coming in and finally they are processing it. Around a week plus letter while checking email, came across an email from HDB stating i could check my grant status so in excitement i went to take a look and BAM! It was successful and Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. The grant amount was beyond our expectation and we are totally thankful for what Allah swt has set aside for us and our future. Rezeki.


So now, we are patiently waiting for a letter to tell us when is our appointment date to sign the agreement contract or whatever the word is. Plus, i am already sourcing out my future home designs slowly and also enquire from this specific interior design company. So i shall talk about my future dream house design and the interior design company once i am done with one cycle of night shift (4 nights) starting from tonight. Plus, our experience in searching for Mr Fiance’s wedding ring.

I think i am more excited about house than wedding, how like that?

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥

Survey and more survey

I know many couples usually book their vendors way earlier than their wedding day. Some can be as early as a year plus to two years before too but here i am scratching my head instead. I have been Facebook messaging or emailing more than 15 vendors to enquire regarding their quotation on catering/decor & dais/photography/make-up artist. Not all vendors quotation catches my attention because they are mainly way beyond my own budget which i expected it to be in the first place. Thankfully, i have 2 to 3 vendors that its within the budget for almost all the categories except for make-up artist because the ones i love are mostly booked for the preferred date of mine or some just refused to reply to my text messages even a week later. I can’t imagine engaging that kind of people for the big day if getting a simple response or acknowledgement is hard.

I need to come up with a comparison table for all the vendors quotation that i have enquired and eventually make a final 3 decision for each category before finalising on one vendor. Subsequently, to come up with 3 different plans since some vendors may be fully book instead. Mr Fiance and i are already having a huge headache over this especially. We can’t wait to get it done though. On a brighter note, we are excited for our house more! Plus, i have enquire the quotation from the interior designer company that i have been eyeing on ever since i looked through different ID(s) portfolio. Though the quotation is not a final price, it is something for me to consider.

Wedding versus House. I choose house because its going to be a long term investment as compared to wedding which will only be one or two day events.


Marriage versus House. I choose marriage because its a long time commitment with the person i say YES to spending the rest of my life with in good and bad times.

To each of his own views.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥

Such a killer till Ballot day

Its Sunday and work going to resume tomorrow. Since i have spare time, i shall continue with my HDB drama over my ballot queue number.

That’s the town map of my dream home. Refer to Yung Kuan Court instead and the ‘X’ marked in blue which is the estate that my parents are living in. It looks far in the town map but in reality, it is actually quite near to our parents place. We have good accessibility too from my point of view although there is no huge malls nearby or totally nearby a train station but we have been living in this estate since young, so we can’t imagine living elsewhere too. If you can see, there are other areas too coloured in orange which is some of the available units part of the SBF especially from Corporation Tiara which is completed already. However, there was only about 1/2 units left. Most completed flats with keys available only left with 3 or lesser units. So chances of you getting that will also be very slim which explains why i agreed to apply eventually.


Lets focus on my ballot queue number but before that, refer to the above image under the ‘4-room’ category. As you can see, there were 165 supply of flats which is actually high in number but lets draw down to ‘Malay’ ethnic quota, it is only 39! So of course the chances of myself and Mr Fiance getting a unit is also very slim but we just applied and leave it to Allah swt to guide us through. I have been hearing many negative outcomes in regards to SBF. My mum’s colleague have been applying SBF for three times and she didn’t manage to get a unit of her own and eventually tried for BTO which ended up a success application. Plus with my cousin experience too. So that negative information totally get into me and it makes me unsettled. However, i tell myself not to think so much because if its fated to be for Mr Fiance and myself, it will be no matter what.

So two months later around July… The ballot queue number came out and it was 257! Mind you, 257 out of 165 with Malay quota of only 39, mana ada harapan gang? So i got very disappointed and i put the matter aside. I started to think of back-up plans like which is the best next area that i could apply. I kept looking at the upcoming launches and most BTO will be in Bukit Batok. So discussed with Mr Fiance and he agreed. So our plan was to wait patiently for the next sale launch to open. However, my mum kept turning down my plans and insisted of me finding a house in Jurong till she said, ‘you can stay here as long as you want until you have a house in Jurong’. That sums up on how much my mum is very dependent on me.

Life goes on. Future plan continues. Discussion ongoing until one day, my heart start to feel about the house again, roughly around November. So i started to go to HDB page and checked out the number of available units left and to my surprise there was still a good number left for Malay Quota. So i started googling about HDB things and read this particular blogger on how to check out if you have any appointment date with the HDB and if your turn is coming soon. After reading the blog, i immediately went to check out my appointment date if there is any and guess what?!


After seeing the date and getting excited, i suddenly just realised that my roster was out and i did not even request so i quickly refer to my roster schedule and Alhamdulillah, i was schedules as off on that particular date by chance. That was how amazing Allah has destine my life to be where it was suppose to be. However, the waiting game to December 9 was another issue. Its another few more weeks and anything can happen anytime. So i decided to keep the news just between Mr Fiance and myself since i know how it will make my mum hope.

But… The following day after i got the news, my mum rushed home after work and shouted at the door with a HDB package in hand. She was so excited and said, ‘Iqah! kau dapat rumah, kau dapat rumah’ and i was like no, its not confirmed yet and i know already about it but i refused to inform you since its not confirm. The most excited person was my mum and i was not kidding. The conversation i had with her most of the time was about the house.

Reality check, i got disappointed once after pinning my high hope on it. So i tell myself that this time i shall not think about it and just go with the flow since there is a few more weeks to go before its my turn. So almost everyday to every alternate day, i will go to HDB site to check on the units left for Malay. Some days it will get lessen by 1 or worse is by 3/4 and on good days, the number didn’t get lesser at all. It is that torturing, no kidding. The documents required for the appointment date was really too much but i refused to prepare it since i do not even know if i will get a chance. So i delayed the document process until the last few days of the week before the appointment date. That made me feel so stress because CPF system was down and we couldn’t retrieve our Yearly Statement of Account. I was on no pay leave and my pay slips, majority of it, i could not retrieve from the system and i need to contact my HR. This is really a last minute kind of person but in reality, i am not a last minute person and i hate it. Reason why, obviously, i don’t want to have high hope. Thankfully, by weekend, all the documents was up after much hassle.

December 9 was on Wednesday. So there is two days to go before that. So i just keep on looking at the availability of the units and on Monday, i remembered the units under Malay just went down in number drastically. If i remember correctly, just left with 3! Pasrah gang! I talked with my mum and she said just pray and pray for the best. If it is yours, it will be yours. So Tuesday came and i tell myself not to even look at the units until i ended my shift that night but Mr Fiance was the one who keep on looking at it and updating me instead. Alamak this guy! So finally it left with just 2 units on Tuesday night and i checked out that there is 3 queue number before my turn. So again, its really nerve wrecking experience.

Mr Fiance and myself met the night before to finalise the documents needed and to see the units that we can select according to our most preferred to least preferred. Reason being was because Mr Fiance could not make it for the appointment date due to work commitment. So that is one of the necessary thing a couple should do! Plan and write down your prefer units accordingly so that the next day it will be easy for you. We were not fussy and we agreed mutually on the units. I remembered i was left with level 13 (1 unit), level 7 (1 unit) followed by level 4, 3 and 2. Lower units were be the least preferred choice. I am particular about pricing too because my aim was not to overstretch our finance so much since along the way, we will age and health deteriorate and soon enough we will be having more commitments too like children and their education. Plus, the units available got to depends on few other things too. In particular, is the house very near the chute and staircase as refer to below picture.


After discussion and all settle, it was just left with the next upcoming day, our appointment date. Mr Fiance and i really pray that we will get it that we had a mutual deal between us and mum said it was a good kind of thought. So i thought i won’t be able to sleep thinking of it but i ended up in a deep sleep anyway because shift work drains my energy out totally.

So much drama and emotions right? This is just the waiting game. Wait till you hear the drama for the actual day itself between my mother and myself with Mr Fiance via mobile phone.

Dear self, you need to really start your wedding preparations!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥