♥ Mr SB & Ms SR ♥

Back in year 2001, a bubbly young girl transferred to a new Elementary School and cross path with an innocent young boy. They were classmates and subsequently, got separated as they entered high school.

Stayed in the same neighbourhood, they often bumped into each other but will never acknowledge each other presence. He still remembers her but as a girl with a ‘ballerina skirt’.

Fast forward to 2012, it started with a Facebook Message from him in regards to seeking of health advice since she graduated as a Registered Nurse. Subsequently, they bumped at the neighbourhood bus stop. After 10 years, their friendship rekindled.

Their friendship leads them to being close friends. Study buddies through their phase of college and university days respectively.

They started dating in the year end of 2013.

On 28th November 2015, they got engaged.

A simple and memorable wedding is coming up in early 2017.

A young couple hoping to create beautiful memories together through every new phases of their life till they turn old and grey.



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