My girls know me best. They knew i will procastinate and i won’t finalise my song list, so they are on it. I failed to finalise it because i gave in to my sleep since it was a transition of afternoon to morning shift today. I just can’t tahan my eyes. But i managed to spend time with my grandfather today, so that is more important to me. 

Time is really ticking that fast. Have i feel anything yet? No, not for now but i am already crying for my leave to start soon because i need a break from work especially. Work has been total nonsense and they are taking my awesome colleagues away to another ward and replacing them with the other ward staffs. Plus changing our discipline too to isolation. We don’t even have a say. Welfare at stake. Can someone just study law and be an advocate for nurses please because we truly need one here.

I remembered my mum asking me if i have any intention to study again, my answer, ‘no but if i ever do want to, i have this strong urge to just take law or whatsoever course that can make me be an advocate for nurses so that i can fight for their welfare! But aiya, for now, i just want to burn my kitchen down (cooking i mean)’

Aku kesiankan diri aku ni sekarang especially part pasal kerja. I strongly believe other nurses are feeling the burn out already. Mehhh, life of a nurse in Singapore. 


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