Last seen #20 and now #7

Everyone around me keep saying i am the most lepak BTB ever because some things i still have yet to settle it even when i am down to a week. My girlfriends are turning bridesmaidszilla instead because their friend still thinks she has the whole time in the world. 

Screw this and that but hey, i am hoping and praying for a smooth wedding because afterall nikah is simple. The ones that make is complicated is us, humans. I am really praying for the best and have faith in Allah that it will be a smooth event that day. For now, i have one important responsibility before i can focus entirely on wedding, which is work. People’s lives are in my hand so i can’t let wedding get in my mind and way until Wednesday, 4pm or else, i am totally screwed as a human or even as an employee. 

Even my future husband is as lepak, how can his future wife not be as lepak too right? But besok lepas kerja, nak kene finalise music list if not kawan aku confirm marah lagi. Bopiannnnnn


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