Last seen #27, now online #20

I was missing for a week. There goes my plan of updating daily. It was impossible because i always prioritise my hibernation than anything else. Okaylah bedek. More of hibernation after i complete all my other daily necessities.

Life has been good and been busy with work as usual. Supervisor and colleague at work are more excited for me and counting down for me as compared to the Bride herself. Everyone been trying to dig out information about the wedding preparations but girl won’t share it with any Tom Dick or Harry. I will just talk 10-20% and then i will keep quiet. Girl has no time to talk about wedding at work when i have restless patients trying to climb out of bed or patients who are damn fussy and demanding. Endless paperworks and audits everywhere. 

I am still in process to settle down with all the wedding preparations. Just booked videographer few days back at a good deal, lesser than marker rate. Booked sound system for $200 since i have no DJ/kompang. So all the songs will be in it. I have made my booking for my staycation finally. I have booked ice-cream too. I have yet to meet my decor & dais to finalise because they are performing their Umrah now. So end of February it shall be. In shaa Allah, it will go smoothly. 

As much as i am busy with wedding preparations, my mind and heart are both occupied on the life of a wife later. I am worried about it because mine will start immediately since there is no honeymoon. I should consider thinking of menu(s) to cook for the husband when i am on one week leave and plan on how to deal with cooking/bekal when i am back to shifts especially afternoon to morning transition. I guess that will be a bad combo for me as a wife. 

For now, i need to start revising for my course exam. As in soon, not now. Now is to hibernate. Hahaha


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