Eh susah juga eh nak keep up with the daily entry. Now i am on my off days, i already find it hard. How about when i am working eh? Excuses eh girl but if i ever stop halfway, it means i just love hibernating more, hahah. 

Recently, i have been sourcing out for religious classes to kick start myself all over again. I did went for weekly madrasah classes when i was younger and of course it stop halfway when you reach that age. I did went for weekly classes with my cousin when i was taking my degree but when i start work, all became haywire. I blame the shifts routine but honestly, i should blame myself for finding excuses again and again. 

So ever since the fact that i know i am getting married to someone soon, i need to brush up on everything. Basic is always important. I am noway near good either and i have a lot of things to learn. So recently my good friend and i have been sourcing out weekly basic classes for an old 25 year old us. Most places are all in the East and over the weekend which is hard for me to commit because my Supervisor won’t allow me to take weekend off so often. So weekday is the best option. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to find a centre that is situated near our place. But we got to find out more about their registration and stuffs since they are by attendance to get the certificate. We aimed to start from bottom and brush up our existing knowledge and slowly go up. I don’t know how far this will go but really, i pray this will bring me far as far as i have already achieved in terms of westernised school in my life. Even if i don’t in the future, i pray it will help me change my current lifestyle into something better so that i will have a balance of both. I don’t want to stay focusing on this Dunya always when i know ultimately i’ll die and face my Creator. Its scary and its time i do something for myself. 

In shaa Allah, may Allah swt help my friend and i in finding ourselves back and getting on the right path which we once get on and get off just because of this world pressure. 


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