No humans are perfect, so is relationship. But we humans tend to seek the perfection due to the expectations. Expectations rises due to social media post. Posts on how someone else other half portray their love. Love story of another stranger that you saw online eventually causes dissatifaction or jealousy. That stir of emotions you felt eventually cost you a broken relationship. But little did you know, you’re the actual cause of your own misery over someone else’s happiness. 

Before we even think we actually deserve someone way better than the one that is already infront of us, what makes we think that we’re the only amazing person out there for them when actually, there are many other individuals for them to choose too? 

This post goes out to you. You, who patiently wait for me every single time i went into my own cave. You, who never fail to tell me that i am worth to be love despite my flaws and my past. You, who loves me more.

Sometimes when i look at you, i ask myself, what did i do to deserve someone like you? Then i realised, Allah knows what i truly need. Allah gift you to me instead of another lady, because in shaa Allah, one day, i’ll complete half of your deen.


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