30 days to being a Mrs and i am very much blessed that i met this amazing man who soon, i will call my husband. I will never forget how you decide to take off your earpiece and said the first HI at the bus-stop. The random FB message asking for advice on your swollen pinky and how you said, ‘isn’t it better if you are a doctor and not a nurse’ (i did dream of becoming a doctor but damn, i never regret not being to achieve it after seeing their work routines even if their pay and status is well respected. But now, menyampah lah pula kerja as nurse, hahah) 

You were the only one that was not afraid to meet my parents and happily enter the house when my dad invited you in. You accompanied me day and night at hospital whenever you are free. There are so many other reasons. We just became close but you were willing to go that extra mile to see a smile on my face. 

If Allah swt permits, i would love to share our love story to our children and grandchildren. If ever Allah swt allows me to feel motherhood, i will be excited to show who is their father who managed to soften their mother’s heart. 

Indeed, jodoh itu rahsia. Kau tak lawa macam mana pun, kalau Allah swt dah tentukan jodoh kau, in shaa Allah, jodohmu akan datang pada masa yang tepat. Because i believe i am an ugly lady who don’t deserve to be love after all the harsh words people commented on my outer apperance but Allah swt thinks otherwise. So ultimately, Allah swt has created me perfectly for only certain people to admire and appreciate me beautifully. 

So dear ladies, never give up because we still have Allah swt love. 


6 thoughts on “#30

  1. Well, outer appearance is not important, yang penting hati. Kalao muka lawa, hati busok pon tak guna. Yang penting, happy and pretty for your future hubby! Hopefully, your majlis goes well Missy!

    From another Missy. 😙😙

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    • Betul betul! But i hope the ladies out there who feel what i feel will stop feeling it because they are never alone and there are people who actually felt it before and get over w it. In shaa Allah, will be extremely pretty until he nak lafaz nikah seribu kali, HAHAHAH. Kidding. Ameen ameen. Hopefully all will go smoothly. Thank you missy! ☺️😘


  2. I personally dont believe in “lawa / tk lawa”. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I can assure that your Husband thinks that you’re the single most beautiful person he has ever laid his eyes on ~ All the best and may your majlis runs smoothly!

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    • It take the right people to understand the real word beauty also eh. Some are just lucky to have beauty right from the start that they dont feel it in another harsher way. Thats why they take it for granted and anyhow comment on other people. If you know what i mean. But hey hey it make them stronger eventually if they take it positively. Thank you babe! Hope everything is going good for you too~~~ keep smiling to add more beauty! 😃

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