Progress at 31 days…

Its been so long since i update this space. Even when i am on training leave for few weeks, i still fail to update this space and get over my checklist. 31 days more to being Mrs and i have not even met my caterer to finalise menu and make any deposit, set a final appointment with decor & dais and book a videographer since my Uncle may not be able to be our videographer due to last-minute work commitments. However, i am still a happy lady here with her adult duties. Work work work. It’s all about wedding talk whenever the adults and grand-adults sees me. I don’t know who is more excited about the wedding now. Plus, my mindset is that i need to focus on work now no matter what because that’s important and i don’t want to get into the lepak mode (yet) which eventually lead me to underperform instead. I don’t wish to update anymore things about wedding preparations (after this post, if possible) because i believe i am left with the final errands and confirmation for the whole events to run smoothly, in shaa Allah. As much as i am still as chill as ever, worry will never be a question. I do worry if the whole event will fall into place and run smoothly but for now, i shall do my best in this final phase of preparation, du’a and then, tawakal.

Ever since Mr start his busy period of 13 working days routine, i miss him extremely more because we don’t have proper conversation with each other. No proper good morning or goodnight texts because we both will be drained out after work especially for him. I started having bad dreams too which is so funny but it lasted for two days and it didn’t happen anymore after i finally able to have him as my view. Even Mr is not keeping up with his wedding preparation because of work commitments, leaving to either his mother or elder sister or myself. But at the end of the day, we are looking forward to our solemnization and counting down to it together! We may have tough times now but i believe it is the last phase of the engagement obstacles for us to go through together. Tough situation won’t last but tough people do! So fighting!

From tomorrow onwards, Mr and myself will be entering the last 30 days phase already. I know time will fly fast although i feel it is still slow. I guess it’s the waiting game that is the major challenge for humans like us who have heart and brain to think and feel. So i plan to at least update daily in this space (if i can and not lazy) on gratitude or whatever that is not too wedding related. So let see if i will keep to my own plan.

So at this 31 days mark, this is how Ms SR is performing so far…

  • Final bridal fitting scheduled on 8.3.17 (left with the final 30% payment)
  • To schedule decor & dais appointment around end of February
  • Catering appointment is finally schedule on this Saturday (50% deposit to be done)
  • To finalise 10.3.17 and 11.3.17 itinerary
  • To mail finalise itinerary to all the necessary people (bridal/photographer etc)
  • To make final 50% payment to Cakevow by 4.3.17
  • Print & laminate direction poster
  • Wrap the money-box
  • Book Videographer
  • Book Ice-cream
  • Finalise sound system (music list and equipments required)
  • To meet up with my girlfriend for discussion and briefing
  • Finalise relative respective job-scope/decor & dais layout/solemnization layout
  • Bridal room set up to start on 8.3.17 or 9.3.17
  • Simple henna for self on 9.3.17 and touch-up on 10.3.17
  • Final errands at daiso/jurong area to get potpourri on 8.3.17 or 9.3.17
  • To pack potpourri (as bunga rampai) on 9.3.17 or 10.3.17
  • To prepare all the final payment to the respective vendors a week before 11.3.17
  • Book staycation**

and i believe the list will adds on its own without me realising.

**I am supposed to book staycation for Mr and myself before he resume work on the Monday but i have been procrastinating big time. Reason is i scared his schedule will change again last-minute and the money will get burnt, not worth it at all.

I am planning to have a short trip with the future husband to somewhere near in early May in hope of collating the PHs and day offs together since he deserve a short vacation after a busy period at work for few months. I have already did my own search on the hotel and flight tickets. So it’s a good to go kind of thing but for now, i can’t proceed with the booking as long as we are not confirmed with the roster. Sucky to be working shifts.

My parents and grandparents have already started giving out their cards last week and i have yet to even give out my cards till finish. Why? Because i shy to give out early and i planned to give end of February instead. But of course, it failed since my friends have been demanding the card like nobody business, so i start giving out the cards on and off whenever i can. Plus, mostly are from the ward. My social circle is pretty small so it was relatively easy to handle. I rather have the close to my heart near me on my big day because they know me better and was genuinely there from me right from the start through thick and thin.

So in short, i am nearing the finishing line yet not there yet. I told my girlfriend that the last 30 days i just want to be a happy self and i want to think happy thoughts because i should appreciate this phase before i enter the new phase. Plus, i don’t want to let myself involve in negative thoughts and emotions before a very happy event.

I can no longer continue this post because Mr is trying to psycho me to allow him to change into a new nicer bike few years down the road…

Lots of love,



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