Forever lah dengan Wedding updates but till March, promise!

So two days back, we met with our Bridal and Cake personnel. Smooth process and we are just going to stay positive that everything will go smoothly on the actual day.


Thankfully the location was walking distance from the train station and we managed to reach earlier than expected because my Encik took a long time to get ready and his niece wanted to go playground so i brought her out to play while her uncle get ready. I was on my sleeping day after my last night but managed to survive the whole day running errands.

We both are too simple and we don’t know what to expect so we came with nothing in mind. So when it came to choosing the outfits, we were that lost until the person got to help us kickstart. Then finally, the kakak said, ‘oh look who is talking finally!’ because i finally had some ideas in mind on what i actually want. The solemnization outfit was easier to choose than the second outfit. The reception outfit, initially we wanted to wear suit and gown but to think through again with the advices given by the Kakak, we went for songket outfit which is really not me. But it is their 2017 latest outfit collection, so i will be their first model. Mr didn’t chose anything because whatever he wear will depends on my outfit. All he want was for me to choose what i really want so that i will be a happy bride and wife of his on that day. We nearly wanted to upgrade to 3 outfits because i really love the gown but after much consideration, its not worth the upgrade since there isn’t much time for another outfit change. However, Encik suggested post-wedding photoshoot for me so that i can wear all those gown that i actually want. That suggestion made me excited but when i see the digits, it made me consider instead because girls being girls, we want everything at the first sight but after long consideration, sometimes it may not be something we truly want. I shall see what the future holds for me.

I just hope the outfits will turn out prettier than expected and of course, i hope it will make Mr cair or maybe cried in happiness instead upon seeing how pretty i can actually be behind my messed up state. Moreover, we will be coming for our final fitting separately because of his work routine. So he won’t be able to see how i will look in it either!

Wedding Cake

I met Zuran from CakeVow who is my cousin’s close friend and someone i know too since we did went to same religious classes before in the past. Initially, i wanted buttercream cake since my mother preferred that but after knowing that the cake will only be delivered 30 minutes before the cake-cutting and i scared it may cause havoc, i changed to fondant cake instead. I chose one flavour and the other tier flavour was chose by Mr since there will be cake cutting session at my side only. I intend to share it with my family and his. With his wedding reception just next block, i will make someone send half of the cake to his side for them to eat. Jadi tak membazir! Moreover, she asked to assign someone who she can contact for the set-up and also, to ensure that the cake will be distributed. So i chose my cousin! It will be easier since they are friends to begin with. I am so excited to see the final cake design and to eat it too.

However, we will be doing cake-cutting in our songket outfit. Weird but janji aku pakai baju sudah. Mulut orang tak boleh tutup kalau diaorang memang nak comment macam-macam. So why should you even bother to spend so much just to meet to other people expectation but end up biting your own nails or worse, end up in debts with your partner with no emergency funds plus savings after wedding. I have received so many negative feedbacks or reaction regarding my wedding plan since i did not do the typical way. It hurts initially but after some time, i can’t be bothered to think about it anymore because its just human being human. Wait till its their turn to marry and think about the digits instead. Janji aku kahwin dengan mamat yang aku sayang and nobody else. If not for my parents who want a wedding reception, it may originally be just soleminization and small makan gathering at restaurant after that.

So i am left to meet my Decor personnel and Nek Bedah for the catering session, probably in February. I shall go back to my checklist and see what i need to strike off.

With February coming anytime soon and Mr will be starting his most busy period till April. I don’t know how he is going to endure his 13 days work and 1 day off for almost 2 months. I am worried for him but yet i know duty calls. Its just part of his responsibilities in this life. I hope his body and mind will work well with him especially when there are too many hazards for him at work. The only motivation for him through that period is to see March coming and to make me his wife. Once the busy period end, i am looking forward to travel with him during our annual leave. We have not come out with a concrete travel plan yet but i am contemplating on bring him to Bangkok for short shopping trip before the fasting month since my next leave after the marriage leave will be in June (fasting) and July (festive season) which are not appropriate for travelling. So to wait till September is really far within my reach so i am considering short travel plan to somewhere near. Either Bangkok/Batam, Montigo Resort. To travel is fun and exciting but to plan is such a chore. Inilah kalau dah pemalas sangat.

We managed to pop by our future home and we can see how it has been nicely painted. I still can’t get over the fact the kitchen is that small but i shall not doubt that i can make my dream kitchen come true with patience and perseverance. Just got to find out the right IDs and ideas to work with. I can’t wait for everything yet i know i will miss this freedom of mine. Then again, this is the life cycle that everyone will go through eventually but differently.

Till next update…

Lots of love,



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