The year of 2017 is here and of course all the 2017 BTBs are excited. It’s the year we are going to change our marital status, marry to the love of our life and not to forget, addition of responsibilities and new commitments.

Spent my long weekend before the new year with my family members and my Encik! We also attended our first wedding of the year together and it was the first wedding we managed to go together after many failed attempts because of our shift routine. Spending almost 3 days with him makes me have difficulty to be apart from him when its time for us to work.

So with the date drawing nearer and nearer, its time to get down to real business. So i believed this time its the real deal of doing proper wedding preparations uhh?! Our mothers met another time over the long weekend to finalise certain things, so i guess all is well now.

So on the 5th January, we finally managed to settle the declaration and verification of documents at ROMM with my father. We arrived at around 230pm and everything ended about 315pm or so. So the first call-out of queue number was meant for the couple to verify the online registration documents. The first time our number was called out, my dad went over so fast and wanted to sit but got shoo away by the lady at the counter and he started making jokes and i laughed with the lady. Encikku managed to video the whole process with his new gopro5 which he recently bought for our usage in the future, hehe. Then we head out and waited for the room to call our number out. My dad went in and came out with a small piece of paper on how to marry her daughter off in the simplest sentence ever. Then it was us. It was an Ustaz and we wanted to sit but he asked us to change seat to ease the signing process. Our butt was halfway in the process of sitting down.

He verify our marital status, dowry and everything on the document. Then finally, he asked ‘apakah perasaan awak dengan tarikh nikah yang bakal tiba tak lama lagi?’ and he directed to Encik Tunang first then subsequently me. He is observing us and also through the question, he is actually trying to find out what kind of person we are and whether we are ready for marriage. That’s what i feel because i can see his reaction change based on whatever word and terms or explanation that Encik Tunang said. Then when its my turn, i answered i am scared. Hahaha. Honestly, i am bad with adapting and i need time to adjust. So adjusting to new roles and commitments are my fear. I will eventually get used and get the hang of it but i require time. I don’t know this time how because i will have support of a husband and we will also be guiding each other. So maybe it differs from adapting all alone to new changes that nobody else will be doing together with you? Then next question was ‘have you attended any religious class and till which level and at where?’ So we answered individually but Mr Fiance added on we studied at the same mosque, Ustaz boleh eh sakat, ‘Jadi awak ikut dia ke dia ikut awak?’ and we laughed. Then subsequently asked if we still carry on attending classes and asked if we attend marriage course. We were giving feedback about it but Ustaz said that sometimes it depends on who is the trainer that is delivering it plus marriage is a long process but the course is just a two days thing, so its hard to discuss about everything. I realised that’s the common question they asked like marital status, religious class and marriage course based on asking all my married friends that went for interview. They are cases whereby my friends got asked if they perform their prayers etc, so i believe it all depends on the person interviewing you and how you answer your first initial question?

Alhamdulillah, the important thing is done. We managed to take pictures and record video. Mr Fiance did a short video in regards to the ROMM day. Now looking forward to the big day already! 

So i am left with the following, i think.

Appointments with Vendors

1. Bridal Fitting (18/1/17)

2. Cakevow (19/1/17)

3. Photographer (no appointment, i am just going to send the itinerary instead by mid February because i am that lazy to meet also)

4. Dais & Decor (i shall set it in early February for site visiting and finalise the decor)

5. Catering (still pending appointment because need to wait for card to be given out first prior to meeting Nek Bedah and pay the first initial deposit)

To Finalise

1. Sound System & Music List (my mother updated me that Uncle’s loud-speaker can be used, so we are all good. Microphone will be rented from her work place with the speaker. So left to settle music list)

2. My guest list (in need to finalise the friends and colleague list then find out their address for those that need to be posted out)

3. Finalise itinerary (1oth & 11th March inclusive of dry & wet weather plan since we have outdoor shoot) and floor plan for placement of dais, buffet, ice-cream, tables and chairs

4. Finalise job-scope for my family members inclusive of close aunties, uncles and cousins

4. Print and laminate direction poster (DIY!)

5. Wrap money-box

6. Meet up with the Groomsmen & my Bridesmaid

7. Decorating of Bridal Room (drilling to hang the backdrop is up. Sewing of the backdrop and curtains to be done latest by mid February. Planning to set up the whole bridal room on 8th/9th of March, few days before the big day since i carry forward my CNY PH)

8. For Mr to call Ustaz again a week before the big day to finalise the venue and time. Plus, to ask if he is coming via own transport or taxi and to settle a pick-up point for him so that one of his groomsmen and whoever else can pick him up to usher him to the solemnization place

To Buy/Source-out

1. Flowers for decoration of the bridal room

2. Bridal shoe with strap, silver colour (still considering since i have a pair already)

3. Bunga rampai (future MIL gave suggestion to my mother to just go Daiso, get this scented dry flowers or whatever is the word which i totally forgot. Initial plan was to use pandan leaves and cut it but the Daiso idea is way faster and easier. So going to buy it a week plus before wedding date)

4. Stamps for invitation card postage

5. Book ice-cream vendor (my mother need to tell me how because she has been doing so many times for her workplace event)

6. White translucent/Grey Translucent cloth (for my make-up table and side drawers top. I shall source it out when i head Geylang for bridal fitting)

7. Videographer (my Uncle from KL may not be able to take leave so, as back-up plan i already asked my cousin if he could take over his place. My aunt and him suggested his friend but his friend is so scared to help out since no prior experience. I just want the akad nikah to be video at least. I don’t have any videographer booked because Mr was not keen for it and i was 50-50 for it since our reception is not even a complete kind. So i shall keep praying that my cousin friend agree because honestly, i like his own video work also since i am easily pleased with simple things)

So i believed now and till mid or end of February will all be about wedding preparations. Plus my mid January to mid February, i will be away for training leave often and subsequently few days attachment. So office hours for few days will help with all those preparations maybe? I just hope i can get all the major things done by early to mid February. Then the small things during the last one month to the big day. I guess i need to start giving out my cards end of January to early February to my friends when i have the time and mail it out too. The family cards, i shall leave to the parents, grandparents and aunty to do so. I still that lazy to kick-start it but ini benda dah tak boleh delay lagi sey unless aku nak kahwin cowboy instead.

62 days more to the big day. As scared as i am, the excitement is slowly building up although it dies off when i think about work. How i wish i can take no pay leave and enjoy my single days until the big day. With the future husband starting work on the Monday after the big day, we are not heading for honeymoon. Thankfully, lesser stress for the whole wedding preparation but we are planning for a 2D1N staycation before he start his first night shift on Monday and a week of leave for me to really be a full-time housewife (which i really prefer to do than working and nursing those unreasonable people. I serve my husband lagi afdhal even if there is no pay to it. The satisfaction and rewards are greater, in shaa Allah)

May all the 2017 BTBs have a smooth wedding preparation till their big day and for those coming soon, we shall usaha, berdu’a and tawakkal that all will be smooth and great!

Lots of love,

Ms SR, soon-to-be Mrs SB! hehehe



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