I have been contemplating on getting a bridal henna package for myself because of few reasons. I did wish to have one but i am someone who can’t see her hands having henna design on it after a day. Yes, i do love henna and i love seeing my hands getting some henna drawings but it last for a day only. I will get annoyed on how my hands look after that. The only thing i can bear seeing for a long time is my henna nails. I find it prettier that way. But if its on the leg, i find its totally okay for henna drawings. So weird right?

Side track, I can’t even see myself wearing jewellery either. The only thing that last on my hand is my engagement ring but i remembered how my engagement ring drop on the floor at my work locker room. Then i misplaced my engagement ring thinking it slipped out because that period, my ring was already loose. Few months after engagement, i stop wearing my engagement ring due to fear of losing it. I have this habit of taking off rings too, so that explains all the incidents. Of course, if i am out, i will try to wear it but next thing, i forget. Am i even a girl seriously?

I remembered getting my hand drawn on and getting excited about it. Next day, i got pissed off for making the decision to let it having henna drawings and was that impatient to see it gone. Girlfriend find me weird but the true fact about myself. Being a weird lady and not appreciating henna well will eventually make me find it costly to have a henna package for myself because i could save that few hundreds for something else. I had disagreements with my mother over henna because this BTB refused to wear henna at all in the first place. She told me off and said, ‘kau tak nak pakai inai, lebih baik jangan kahwin. Tak ada seri pengantin‘ When i heard that… pantang nenek moyang weii. I just don’t get it when people expect me to follow certain things because we humans differ in every aspect. Of course, i end up debating with her but eventually gave in and agreed to only capping of the nails. Next to why i don’t really prefer it was due to the colour of the henna. It appear to be very dark and not bright orange as the old days. I love how the old times, the colour is bright orange. So of course, i went to search around for it and i gave up. But aunt recommended my mother this ‘celup inai’ and it suit for a lazy ass girl like me. All you need to do is celup your fingers in. I tried on my toes and the colour turn out to be orange! I am one happy girl but hopefully the colour remains even after 24 hours and never get darker.

So thats it, getting this ‘celup inai‘ for my big day usage then. Finally, the fussy BTB got her henna settle. Before this, my mother has been asking me about henna stuffs and i replied, ‘relax ma, still got time. mai kanchiong‘ which ended up in nagging instead. Now she is all quiet because her daughter have make her decision.

Lot of love,



5 thoughts on “Henna

  1. High 5! I’m probably not going to get a henna package too.. my ustaz said those intricate drawings originate from Hindu traditions, so advisable not to do that. Celup inai is fine.. I think I shall do that too. 🙂 Where to get that from?

    I don’t wear my engagement ring either.. i am so not a jewelry person! Better to keep than lose it!

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    • Yes yes! I heard something about the same line too and my grandma said it looked more of tattoo. But to each of his or her own views. My mum got it from carousell. Two tupperware small about $18. Yea i near miss twice for losing my engagement ring so now its in the box instead. Hehe! Time to get cheaper ring to wear once married because i feel its a need. I don’t want lose my diamond ring instead 😂😂😂

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  2. My mom had the same thinking too! Hahaha, but i persuaded her and said im not going to get the intricate designs, i will need her “approval” for my chosen design tho. Win-win for both! Haha. But the celup inai seems good tho, shall take a look at carousell for my mom’s. Thank you babe!


    • Janji mak happy, btb pun happy eh. Somehow our mothers just want the best for us yet sometimes they actually went abit overboard. Hahahah. You can take a look at celup inai. Something new for me though. So you can try try first or see see first. No worries and have fun exploring!

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