Thumblinda-Invites Review

Most will do their cards in JB but my friend advice me to just source out for good pricing instead in Singapore. Even mum’s friend advice to just do it in Singapore to avoid any hiccups. I heard too many feedbacks about going across the border so i decided to just have a Singapore vendor to do it instead. Moreover, i don’t have the means to travel in and out of JB often. My group of cliques offered to design my cards but i decide to just do it myself and don’t trouble them. So after much enquiry i chose Thumblinda since it was recommended by my friend. The price was reasonable for 500 cards based on different vendors that i actually enquire on.

I had no problem with the deposits and i love the final product. However, there were some hiccups in between. So based on their working process, to get the first draft take 14 working days. So after 14 working days, there wasn’t any email of the draft design. I gave them more time since you will never know if they have too many order to handle and i wasn’t in a rush to have it complete. However, my mother kept asking me about it and kept asking why are they taking a long time. So finally emailed them about it and there wasn’t any reply until 5-7 days later with my first initial draft. That was the downside. It took them longer than their stated working process and for sure, they have yet to start with your draft since they replied days later. However, their service recovery was good. Within 2 days, i managed to finalise my card design and paid my final deposit subsequently. The exchanging of email within that 2 days was fast too. I chose their available design but asked if they could change the colour background since i am a blue lover and my theme is tiffany blue with grey/off white which can be done. Their printing process was shorter than 14 days though. They stated that they will send the cards on the stated date and time but it didn’t arrive. My mother was looking forward to its arrival and got mad that they didn’t have it deliver. Of course, me being me, i knew they had too many orders and couldn’t send mine. Emailed them and they replied back promptly, so it was arranged the following day.

So I am glad i did placed an early order or whatever is it called. I guess there is no harm getting your invites settle early and at least to leave some time in between for delays.

Mr went, ‘Jangan lupa invite I pergi your wedding tau. Jangan lupa kasi i kad jemputan you. Thank you.’

Jangan dia lupa invite aku pergi wedding dia, nak juga tengok siapa isteri dia… hahaha

Lots of love,



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