Recently or is it a few weeks back Mr randomly told me that we need to start sourcing our for our renovation and I need to make up my mind of the kind of flooring i want for our future place. Downside of SBF flat, you don’t have a choice to choose for opt-in or opt-out. So the unit we selected have these : HDB tiles (out), kitchen partition wall (in), internal doors & sanitary fittings (in). So of course, we need to sort out flooring first before anything. I am so going to hack the kitchen partition wall by half or into whatever design that i already had in mind. Lastly, i am going to change the internal doors for my toilet too.

Mr had his mind on Evorich Flooring Group because most of seniors recommended it to him. They have various flooring products. Even his elder sister is using this kind of flooring and it has a life-time warranty etc. I, on the other end, dislike the design because its woody kind of look. I cannot imagine my house flooring so woody. I prefer big, clean, square and bright coloured tiles like white, off-white or light grey. Flooring that i can do mopping if its oily etc. Flooring like my parent’s place especially but of course, i don’t know where to find it. I need to do more research and ask my dad what are tiles called.

We both are planning to make this our first and last abode, in shaa Allah but if our future were destined otherwise and we are allowed to upgrade to a better accommodation, why not? But of course, that is way out of our future league. So i hope we can do proper and good renovation for our future place. Invest in good materials with simple design to call home. So i believe rushing is a no go for this kind of things. I am going to drag my parents along too during the ID hopping to get their opinion because sometimes their opinion will really help. I am in love with the ID that renovate both my Aunts place so i may consider to enquire their ID. Another ID will be cozyspace because i love their simplicity. My colleagues said i should do ID hopping now slowly and some said to choose stone or marble for my kitchen top. But i am planning to do ID hopping after wedding instead so that at least, i can think through properly and think straight too. That’s the best time, to see your final financial status and how much can be spend for renovation itself because achieving no loan or low loan amount is very vital. If no loan, even better but of course, Mr’s friend  advice us to take loan but use that loan money to invest short-term contract and eventually pay back the loan in a lump sum.

So recently, i became too lazy ass that i did not do anything productive other than to eat, sleep and watch television because its just the time of the month. Not to forget, getting too clingy to Mr that i hate the sight of myself being like that. Not getting his attention will means i will end up sulking and sleeping it off. Perangai pecah! But i know he love having a clingy fiancee because most of the time, i love to be on my own and be as independent as i can. The lazy ass but want to be productive self actually downloaded this application Qanvast! I don’t know how good or reliable the app is since i have yet to try getting any quotation from any of the IDs but i used it as a platform for design basis. So it is something like pinterest. You can pin/love the design you like and put it according to the board that you name/organize. Since then, i have been glued to my phone looking through designs after designs which eventually got me confused. They even have a 12 page guide: Budgeting for your Home Renovation. I have yet to read through it but saved it under my Ibook for future reference. They have other guide articles on their website/application. Even i read through that based on the picture (design) you love and other details (budget, concept etc), they will matched you to 3/5 ID firms and get a quotation from them. If you take up with the IDs that were recommended by Qanvast for your renovation and halfway through, they run away or whatever, they will payback a certain amount of money (if i remember correctly, 50%?). Macam ganti rugi gitulah kan. So i am on the roll for kitchen designs and i have love to many pictures. Not to forget toilet too! But i am so fussy about the living room instead. They even sell products with cashback. So i have been favouriting their sinks/taps for future reference since i may forget what i actually had in mind eventually.

So dear Abode of ours, continue to build yourself up well, firm up well too and be ready for us okay because we are excited to be your owner already. We have always looked at other sites but little did we realised, you were there all along, near us, waiting for us to select you and invest in you though you are the most expensive long-term investment. But in shaa Allah, it will a worthful investment between my future husband and myself because you will be the witness to every growth of ours as husband and wife, the shelter for us against rain and shine, the safest playground for our kids to play one day and not to forget, you will always be the first gift my future husband actually get for me, a home, to protect me against evil and harm.

Thank you love for working hard always to fulfill my needs and dreams although you love to annoy me with i need to OT more if i spend too much. There isn’t anything more manly than a husband protecting and doing his best for his wife. In exactly 90 days, in shaa Allah, it will be us sealing and signing our vows and Allah swt will be one of the witness among many of the other witnesses.

Back to work tomorrow, prrft! Counting down to my next leave already, I CAN DO THIS!

Lots of love,



9 thoughts on “Qanvast

  1. Wahh this is an extremely interesting read. So much things to prepare. I am lucky to be getting a unit at yung kuang court hehe. I am choosing the flat tmrw. My girlfriend and I apllied for balance in May.. but we settling down a bit more later in 2018. So we settling the house then kpak bing2 hehe

    Well I really pray that all goes well for u and Mr SB for the wedding the house and the reno.

    Long time never see my bro..


  2. Well well well good question eh. I know lah no pics and all. I saw mrs sb soon to be In shaa Allah.

    Sb? Who else right?? Haha the name does ring a bell for me heh. Well since you already know who am I dah no need to explain further right hehe..

    Yeah today is the day of choosing the flat haha.. exciting much…


  3. Yes Alhamdulillah

    We chose the unit already.

    Its a block beside my future in laws hehehe..

    Alhamdulillah… And now tt we r pretty stable only sad to see the cpf gonna be wiped away kosong haha


      • Well my girlfriend and I we planning to empty cpf and pay off all of the house loan as soon as possible.

        So putting down a huge amount is a good idea. So lesser loan is our aim. But tt also our estimated loan is abt 325k which is a lot lah.

        Sigh pie…

        Oh ours 165b. No furnishings at all I think. Oh urs also balance flat. I tot urs is from the bto period haha..

        And well we got the 5th floor. So okie ler.

        For now find a good yet reliable contractor lah for u after ur majlis. No point rushing in my opinion. Duit kat majlis also alot to use. Give it some time it will be alright as in for the reno..


      • Ahhh i see. Yea ours from sbf also. Alhamdulillah, so far ive put aside what i need to and all. Well hdb is not as cheap also but getting a flat is good enough already since some couple cant get. Anw simple wedding is good enough. Dont have to follow the trend if u hv other priorities but to each of his or her own. All the best for you and your girlfriend ! Have fun planning, saving and discussing with each other


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