Kahwin punya pasal

Entering the last three months phase means time will surely fly fast without you knowing even if you still feel its long way to go. Especially if your working hours are odd hours and you always mixed up your days again and again. So time for another check through of wedding stuffs for the sake of this space.

1. CateringNekBedah

Nek Bedah actually called my mother yesterday to reconfirm the date and time of the event again. It was random but i believed its for the better because Mr had issues with his catering side. Apparently, the caterer blocked his date as 12 instead of 11 and they refused to take his booking because they had a bigger booking which will give them more profit. But after much discussion between his dad and the caterer, they settled the issue and i pray there won’t be anymore hiccups for his side nearing the date. So i am left with food tasting, finalising the menu + enquiring about vegetarian menu, initial deposit and informing them on small things such as which area for them to cook/wash and there are certain things i don’t want/to add at my wedding after previous experience at my cousin’s wedding.

2. BridalSQEEN

Emailed them and they are going to arrange for a fitting in early January since Mr going to get busy soon after that, i think. So once we do fitting, you know shit just got real. Thinking of making Mr wear suit for second outfit but i don’t want to see him swimming in a pool of sweat, so i’ll probably need to consider properly for our outfits. 

3. DecorYH

I have yet to email or text them for another meet up. Probably soon and i shall either arrange it end of January/early February to finalise the final arrangements of dais, decor etc. I am thinking of changing the one of the colour but shall see how.

4. PhotographyLensa

I have yet to email him for a meet up to have a run through of the itinerary and of course, break the ice. Still considering if i should add in the photo album but i shall save up more (since bonus coming soon) in case i want to at the very last minute! 

5. CakeVow

Emailed her and going to settle a date in January to discuss on the flavours and cake designs too! I am excited please! Maybe because i am going to eat it and feed my future husband or should i tenyeh on his face instead? 😁😅

6. InvitesThumblinda

The only thing that i have made full payment for. Going to receive the cards today between 6-10pm! 

7. IScream4IceCream

I was hoping silently that my mother will change her mind but no, nothing will. So she said to me that we will only book it in January. Queen order so nobody can defy it.

So i believe that are mostly the major vendors and the necessary things to the form up of the whole event. But i believe the small things i have yet to settle. I managed to get the outfits for my mother and little sister plus hijabs for my relatives too in Melacca. Left my dad and little brother outfit. Not to forget, my girlfriend outfit too. Wrapping of the moneybox. Getting Mr’s malay clothing for the gift tray. Oh yes! A meet up between the groomsmen and my girlfriend for a run through of the event and job scope. Eh eh… Macam banyak juga eh? I think i better do something about it eh? But yeah, i believe what need to be done will be done when the time comes. Yang paling penting, i need to go ROMM when my dad is free on both common date between Mr and me because majority of his colleagues are on leave now so we can’t head to ROMM this week.   

So all is well as of now. Going to enter 2017 soon, i guess my new resolution must include my future husband already la eh? 😂😁😅 #justjoking

Lots of love,



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