8 thoughts on “Islamic Wealth Planning

    • No probs! Because i find it informative myself and like i don’t know this thing existed. So i believed some of us are not aware either just like me. In shaa Allah, it will benefit for us all and help us to plan our future better and do all the necessary preps way earlier too. Thank you for reading, heh. And do find out more too because i believe there is more to it but these are the basic the Ustaz want to tell across to us since he work closely w lawyers and financial advisor too.


  1. whoa such a great and informative post 😊😊 I really enjoyed the names Baba and Shipship. Was just asking my financial adviser about Islamic wealth planning since we received our flat keys recently and I have some insurance policies, so reading this was very timely!

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    • Alhamdulillah. Good to know it came just nice, but i know its not in depth but somehow it help in a way or another. Heh, the names came about because i was thinking of the baba black ship 😂😂 hopefully, it can enhance and assist in your financial planning 😊


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