Booking of Kadi βœ“

So last month, we made our booking for Kadi. I know most BTBs booked exactly 150 days before but both Mr Fiance and me were busy working so our booking were delayed by few days, so our options are limited. Not really limited but generally, the timings are of not favour timing. I have my own Kadi preference and i have been telling myself that i want this particular Ustaz to be the Kadi on my important day. However, it is important that you choose a Kadi that stay near to your area and sadly, my preferred Ustaz stayed in the East. Mother said that i can always booked him still but ensure that i paid his travelling fees and service accordingly. Of course, it will be troublesome for him to travel from East to West just because i want it but nevertheless, at the end of the day you just got to weigh the pros and cons. So i decide to let go of that idea that i have been keeping from years ago. If you are wondering who, it is Ustaz Nuzhan.

So i was thinking of taking the Kadi that my cousin booked for his wedding last year. Since i saw how the whole process is like and even Mr Fiance was there during the process, we both actually like how it was all done but i actually handover the responsibility of booking of Kadi to my Fiance since i believe that is the biggest decision and first step into building a marriage. Moreover, he is the one that is going to say the akad nikah so i shall let the man decide while i pray everything goes smoothly. So he had his discussion with his parents and they came to conclusion to book the same Kadi that his sister took for their wedding that time and i agreed. The downside was that the favoured timing has already been taken away since we were late in booking by few days. I did not even consider of choosing another Kadi that is available for the preferred timing because i don’t know them either and i can’t be bothered to do more research since i want to get it done and over with. I prefer a 10am to 11am solemnization timing but he was already fully book. The next available timing was 12/1pm but he also offered a special arrangement of 9/930am slot if we want to. So we actually chose the earlier slot since our reception will be starting at 12pm and i don’t want it to clash with everything.

After booking the special arrangement slot via text confirmation but in system, it is otherwise since he asked us to follow his instruction accordingly, i started to regret. Why? Because it is so early in the morning. I kept asking my family if it is too early and my parents just got to say, ‘YES! Now, we need to wake up early in the morning already’ and of course, i felt guilty for it. Even Mr Fiance felt it was too early and i felt even more dumb for booking that timing but then i keep calm and find reasons to tell myself it is totally fine. I mean it happened already and there is a reason why to it and i believe Allah swt planned it accordingly to what we truly need. So i realised the good side is that i can have more time for photo-taking with family and also proper photoshoot with my future husband on the actual day. Because i really want to have proper photo-taking session with my love ones without rushing and without missing anyone out of the frame. Plus, during the solemnization part, it will only consists of my most important people in my life to witness the whole process since the reception will only start at 12pm. After that, we can continue with the preparation or enjoy ourselves taking silly photos together with the King and Queen of the day. Plus, if there is any delay, it will never clash with my reception timing. So i believe there is a good side to it (but i am feeling the guilt for my MUA who need to arrive my place like how i report for day shift duty at 7am 😩)

I wanted to start on my itinerary draft last month but it took me a month of procrastination. I only managed to draft it out while i accompanied my mother for her heart scan recently. I was bored for the few hours so i started drafting since there was a pen and paper with me. Managed to get it done within that time frame but to realise i missed out the major part – time to wake up and to get ready. I only started planning from solemnization timing. Maybe i did wish silently that i could get marry off in my PJs instead since afterall, if my future husband love me truly, he will still say the akad nikah even if i looked horrible in my lion hair πŸ΅πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š 

So i need to relook at the plan and add in the missing part plus…

  • a wet weather programme
  • separate bride & groom itinerary (Friday & first half of Saturday)
  • reception layout (inclusive of ice cream station etc)
  • dry/wet weather photoshoot location

As of now, thats all i could think of but i know there is more that i need to add to it. I am still very calm for the wedding preparation although we are going into the last 4 months soon. But i believe everything will go smoothly since the decision we made is to build a mosque together and something that our religion love. In shaa Allah, Allah swt will guide and protect it from any bad things because Allah swt will never wish anything bad upon us. I just need to believe that whatever happened, it is for the best for me. I don’t wish to think any unnecessary things that can cause harm to my health because work has already harm me enough. I don’t need my wedding to kill me instead πŸ˜‚

So for now, i am looking forward to my wedding cards and seeing myself doing the programme planning plus the final checklist with the necessary meet-ups that i need to attend next year January. For sure, i will be stress next year but now, no stress.

Like what i told self, ‘for now, man man lai kayuh. Still got time. Mai kanciong. Just gotta have faith that this girl will do what she needs to when the time is here’

I just want to appreciate my single life now because who say marriage life is easy? Heck, it is one bumpy ride ahead. More obstacles than the current life. So if now already so stress, what more in the future right? So mai kanciong πŸ˜‰

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❀️



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