3rd outfit? πŸ˜…

I am crazy over bollywood but that was the old days movies whereby its way way better than now which do not consist of any western aspect and so traditional. So few days back my girlfriend was telling me how beautiful the indian dresses were like and i can consider having it as my third outfit for photoshoot. I was skeptical about it but as soon as i went to their Instagram and website, i was blown away!

My top 6 favourites! One of it has a translucent back and another is sleevless but girlfriend said can customised to your needs since its her friend that is selling it. Its so pretty and hard to resist until i see the prices myself. It is beyond SGD$100 and can reach up to SGD$300. It looked so bridal kind of outfit and i don’t mind having one for myself for the big day. I told Mr and he really love it too! But me being me, i won’t get it for sure especially if it cost so much. So for now, its just for the eyes 😍

The sudden curiosity of my family background ancestors struck me. I am Malay but with a mixture of Bugis and Chinese. I wonder if there is more than that. I don’t know how orang Bugis look like but Dad always said they are fierce and huge? But my dad quite small size leyy, hahaha. And during the younger days when dad said orang bugis, i will always think of Bugis Street and my ancestors were from there πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

Counting down to November 28th! Counting down to my next and last 2016 annual leave in December! Oh, i have set up my bedroom furnitures too. Both mother and little sister are in love with it. Little sister went, ‘please move out faster, thanks!’ because she want to move in to my bedroom. I said, ‘no, i’ll take my time to move out because mama sure don’t want me go’ and my mother silently replied, ‘tak tahu malu‘ and i went huhhh and asked her to repeat then she laughed at me and said it again. Then we laughed together. While my dad, he did said, ‘ayah let you marry because i want grandchild okay? You have own house you better stay there. You think daddy don’t know you actually scared to stay alone. You don’t act you miss this place’ and i laughed even harder. But knowing my parents, they are all joking. They told me to take my time if i have financial constraint for the new home plus to go through step by step slowly without rushing. Moreover now, my house expected completion date has been pushed forward from 3rd quarter 2017 to 2nd quarter 2017!

I am only suppose to blog about outfit but i went out of topic. So its better for a goodbye and till next update.

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays while i work 😩πŸ˜ͺ😒


6 thoughts on “3rd outfit? πŸ˜…

      • Hahaha. I’m already planning to do a Bajirao Mastani inspired dress for my nikah outfit and planning to choose a hindustan baju for one of my sanding outfit. But maybe I will buy one more just for fun since its so lawa! Hehehe

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      • Wahhh! Really into hindustani style ahh. I will be waiting for your big day to see your bridal outfits! So exciting! And of course to see which outfit you will buy from the website if you do! Heheh, this tempts me more 😊


    • My parents always but part serious talk can be that crazy. The difference is huge. Hahah. Yaaaa sooo lawaaaaa please. Kenapalah mahal sgt kalau tak dah boleh semua letak dlm wardrobe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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