Annual Leave

Working as a nurse means you need to plot your annual leave for the whole of the following year. It’s only October and i have already plotted my leave for year 2017 and i pray i get the slots that i chose. Marriage week is confirmed since i wrote a memo for it. Plot one slot for Raya since i am celebrating it with my other half next year unlike previous years which we didn’t. Then the other slots around end of year since our future home will be up by then. 

Work is not going to be something i am looking forward too at all anymore. I am looking forward to my last annual leave this December and by then i am down with 90 days to my big day. Susbsequently, looking forward to all my leave(s) and days with the dearest husband. The only motivation that i can think of now. 

No honeymoon plans next year but we shall postpone it and name it babymoon maybe? Hahah, confident mahu lebih they say. But i shall leave it to Allah swt. 

You can do this dear self! 



6 thoughts on “Annual Leave

  1. Sigh. I wish i have something to look forward too next year. Pakkal la tkd jodoh this yr. Hope you have a smooth journey for your big day. In Shaa Allah!


    • Hi babe! Thank you for your du’a. In shaa Allah. And I am sorry that my post made you feel that way but then again, we as nurses, we need to come to terms with it like how sometimes we wish our patient’s fam members do come to terms w things like death etc. However, easier said than done. For every hardship come ease but you are a beautiful lady in and out. Even as much as i have many things to look forward to next year, Allah knows what my future holds. Its normal for u to feel all this and you are allowed to feel it. i got cheated by my ex whom planned to engage w me but ended up he left me halfway hanging and tunang w another lady. Cheer up my love because Allah loves you and miss you and wants you back to Allah thats why youre facing this obstacle. When you walk to Allah, Allah will run to you. I pray you will be granted with alot of patience and love in different forms from the people around you. We may not be close but here is my virtual hug from me to you. Go read up The Secrets, here is one of the video link u can view –

      Hopefully it will help u like how it helped me few years back though we went through different obstacles. Take care babe! ❀️😘

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  2. Thank you for the nasihat babe! Appreciate it alot. I know .. Ive longed redha with what is happening right now. Maybe, this is the time for me to reflect on myself .. And it is time for a change, hoping that it will help me in the future relationship. But as girls, at some point of time, you tend to breakdown. Sigh. Well, my breakup pon, alhamdulillah .. Its not about orang ketiga. Oh wells, biar la reason dia tu jadi rahsia. Its okay .. In Shaa Allah, as days go by .. I will be stronger. Thanks for the hug! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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    • No worries. Its okay to keep it a secret because some things are better left untold. Im over w my past so thats why i open w it because somehow it made me way stronger than how i was before. I saw the reason why after like three years plus ltr and in shaa allah, you will see the light and reason behind all these too, in time to come. Girls, we so emotional but that makes us special too bcos even when we cry buckets, we still survive it eventually and still breathing (heh). We are always changing everyday. Dont overpush yourself too much okay? Sometimes we neglect ourselves thats why the things around us start to fall too. Self love as a stepping stone. Ameen. And for sure, your closest girlfriend will be your support for now and will still love u no matter what ur flaws are. Thats your true love till the world end ❀️❀️

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      • In Shaa Allah .. Amiin. Thanks alot. I feel so touched with your words .. Macam nak nangis baca. Heh .. Once again, thank you and in Shaa Allah things will be fine in time to come.


      • Ameen. No worries. I am not good in advicing but hopefully it makes you feel you are not alone. Take care dear and i will see you around 😊😊


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