Invitation Cards ✓

I have been sourcing out for my wedding cards and finally, its settled. Initially, i was thinking of Engravedmemories but i kept on procrastinating in proceeding with the order. Moreover, their cards are pretty to me plus they have their package which attracted me but Allah swt has other plans for me. So that explains why i did not proceed with finalising the order. My girlfriend was talking about which vendor should she take for her wedding cards and recommended this IG – Thumblinda.

So i went over to their IG and i decide to stick with them. Emailed them for the quotation and they replied after about 3-4 working days. Initial deposit of 30% and subsequently the remaining 70% prior to printing of the cards. They have 2 sizes with option of 1 sided or 2 sided printing. Price varies with the choice of cards, printing sides and quantity. Additional of $10 for inclusion of map. Price can be as low as $0.29 each for 1000 pieces. For 500 pieces, $0.45 each for A6 size.

As much as i have five months plus to go, i planned to get it by year end so that i can take my time to sort out the guest list etc. Moreover, i need to pass over to my friends and working colleagues earlier. My parents and grandparents can slowly think through on the final guest list and think through on how to pass the cards.

Mr Fiance told me that his friend will send their quotation for the cards like two weeks back but no email till today. So i decide to source out for myself. As much as its friends, some things can’t be taken lightly. If things got to be done, it has to be done.

Now with October coming, we have two things to do – Marriage Course and ROMM.

Lots of ❤️,



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