Budget of $600, next pitstop, IKEA!

Initial plan was to head to Ikea for furniture hunting during end of November so that the items will all arrive around early December and it will be around my last slot of annual leave. So i intend to do a total revamp of the room during that period but behold, we ended up heading to Ikea the day after the painting mission completed.

So it was my mother, Mr Fiance and myself. It was an impromptu plan so i did all the measurement of my room area last minute again (same scenario like cloth hunting). Mother was excited because she want to get new wardrobe for my siblings. I did some last minute and fast research of certain items that i would like/love to purchase. So it actually ease my shopping later on. I am not someone that is fickle minded, most of the time, if i want that it means that unless i found something way better and worth it.

So once we reached Ikea and started walking around, my mother went on her own mission of ‘finding the right wardrobe’ while Mr Fiance and i tagged team again and went to find our stuffs. However, i was too focused on finding dressing table and side tables that i forgot to look around for the most important thing, A BED! I kept going around to find this dressing table as shown in the picture.

I got excited over this dressing table more than anything else because i don’t have a proper dressing table of my own as a lady. So i took this opportunity to revamp it into my dream room, if it is possible. There is a bigger size with some drawers at the side but it cost more than $200 and i find it of no use, so i settled for this. Moreover, i can use it as a small study table if we ever need to do our work or using of our laptop. So to me, it was a love at first sight. I came across it after walking around for quite sometime and immediately jot down on the paper without thinking twice. Just that, it is not complete without a chair which i will find on another day. I am looking into something pretty and simple.

My eyes were busy looking out for other stuffs, i still managed to scan for Mr Fiance who was on his own and entertaining himself. He was at the bed section, sitting on every bed if he can. He self-entertain. At times, he will appear around me and ask what are you doing. I decided to let him choose the bed that he wants and love. So he went around the bed section. Told him to choose 3 and go through it with me before we decide together since i know Mr Fiance is more particular than me. I told him that we should buy just a cheap bed but the cheapest range wasn’t to his liking so i decide to let him decide and get back to me. He ended up choosing 4 different bed frames with different price range too. None of the 4 options was to my liking but i settled for his 4th choice because it was simple, neat and cheaper than the other 3 choices. We were happy with the choice! About the mattress, i was contemplating if i should also get it from Ikea or outside store since i did read reviews on it that some find ikea mattress good while some don’t. To each of his own. However, mother told us to just get ikea mattress since it was affordable range. So we got the whole bed frame set inclusive of the mattress.

Mother settled her choice of wardrobe pretty fast just like her daughter. I follow her footsteps i guess. So i walked around and came across this side table which was below $100 and it suit perfectly besides the bed. One side for Mr Fiance and another shall be my side. Mother gave me a thumbs up for it but Mr Fiance said otherwise because he said it was not necessary. However, i insisted on having it since i know i need to create a proper storage space for my future husband stuffs like his wallet, keys and other things because your future wife knows how you store your things at your own room when you are a bachelo 😏😏. So that won’t go on when you have a wife to take care of you already 😂. Downside, they don’t have the stock for it and the stocks will only come in two weeks from now. So i will head down to Ikea again in two weeks plus time or ended up buying from somewhere else if there is a better option. I saw another side table online from fortytwo.sg but am still 5050 about it. Price comparison, its cheaper by half price of the ikea side table but final furnishing and workmanship, i still prefer ikea side table.

Last item that i need to get off the checklist was to find a shelve that is appropriate for the television section in our room which is mainly Mr Fiance territory, i named it. It will be his PS4 and all his other games section. So i got to find the right shelving to store all his games neatly. We already have a coffee table that we will be using for that section which my grandfather bought with his first pay when he worked as an ambulance driver back then. Grandma nearly wanted to let it go but Mother took it because its memorable and of course, my grandpa will be sad to see it go. The wood is of good quality so now it is in my room and will never go anywhere else. So i settle for this simple $19.90 shelve since they don’t carry the type that i had in mind. The television can be placed on it and i just need to get proper storage boxes to make a divider for games. Mr Fiance didn’t say much because he knows it will benefit him in the long run and his Fiancee is trying her best to create a territory for him 😂

With that, we were done with our shopping and continue walking around. Girls being girls, my eyes just cannot stop looking at pretty items to beautify the room. Thats when your other half come into the picture to snap you out of your fantasy which he did most of the time. Then we reached the light section. My eyes instantly bright up.

This lamp caught my first attention but of course, it was tiffany blue in colour but i couldn’t get a picture of it from the website. I quickly went over and when i saw the price, i went nehhhh.

Then i saw another blue lamp which is this Kajuta table lamp but when i went nearer, it was ugly to me. So i went nehhh although its cheap.


Then this Lampan table lamp caught my eyes! It was in the colour that i love and looked at the price, it is selling at $4.90. So i knew i wanted to get it and place it on the side table in our room. So i took it! Moreover, Mr Fiance favourite colour is similar as me, Blue. Just anything that is blue, we are good to go. So we got two of this.


However, i ended up looking at my first love of table lamp but kept telling self, ‘No, cannot. Its expensive. Not worth it’. Mr Fiance wanted to get it for me because he knows how much i love it but i told him its totally fine because i can always get it for our own home someday. Mr Fiance is willing to go that extra mile for me to see the smile on my face and to give me whatever that i love. So much love and i pray it stays forever please.

Then my eyes ended up seeing this light curtain which was near to the lamp section. I turned into a small girl and kept telling him I WANT THAT! 😍😍 I got so excited on the spot and Mr Fiance was searching the items for the whole set. But after i cool down, i realised it was a waste of money and my mother told me, ‘dah macam budak kecil nya bilik‘ and that broke my heart into pieces 💔. So we didn’t bought it but i thought i could have it in my own house instead then. The determine side of me. But isn’t it pretty? The first thing that went into my mind, ‘haish, dah macam twilight pula tapi nak juga

So we settled our payments and delivery. All the items have already been delivered and the boxes are still intact, store in my room. I am just waiting for my off days to assemble it. We are assembling it ourselves. I just assemble my little sister wardrobe with the help of my little sister, mother and dad but my dad left us alone to handle it. He only came into the picture if i shouted for help. My dad trained me in the toughest way ever. Halfway, he went, ‘i wonder why you became a nurse. you should be an engineer just like Ayah because you have an engineer hand’ and that wasn’t the first time he said it. But how can you know if what kind of hand i have eh Ayah? I felt a sense of satisfaction once the whole wardrobe was up. Moreover, dad have always assemble Ikea stuffs himself since i was young. Most of our double bed are from Ikea.

All items we bought will remain at my parent’s place even after we moved out so that explained why we settle for a cheaper version. Plus since young we have always got some of our stuffs from ikea which did last long too. There is a cheaper place to shop which is fortytwo.sg which was recommended by my future mother in law. I did went to check, there are cheaper bed frame but yet again, i am someone that prefer to see the item visually and touch it physically before my purchase. So this room that i am going to revamp will still remain in the future because i know i will have sleepover still at times since i staying nearby. Plus, if ever Allah swt kurniakan cahaya mata, this room will be theirs to grow up and learn ABCs 123s.

So with a $600 budget did i hit it? No, i went over slightly only. But the cost is shared by 2 people so it was all good! I have few more items to buy – side table x 2 and a chair for my dressing table. It was a fun experience. We have always went Ikea together for a few times only but it was just purely imagination but this time, for real, we chose and we paid for it!

I need to learn not to write entry like assignment. Sorry again readers! Anyway, back to reality again for me tomorrow so another longer hiatus.

Lots of ❤️




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