My Girlfriend πŸ‘­

Since i still have time to blog… I should just keep on updating to make this space alive because i might go missing again in few days time! So shocked too that Mr Fiance is actually reading my entries because honestly, he have never showed any interest in reading up and remembering the link but heyhey πŸ˜‰

So… I think it is common that nowadays people have maid of honour and bridesmaids. But, i really don’t know what is the reason for having them plus honestly, its a Western culture kind of thing. Unless in a more malay kind of term, my friend called it a ‘pengapit‘, if that is even right lah in the first place. So whatever it is, it was not part of the whole kind of wedding preparations. 

During the early days when i just got engaged, i didn’t informed any of my friends except this closest girlfriend of mine whom i invited over for the small function and verbally to one of my close friend during my diploma days and another during my degree days. I have few other cliques but i didn’t tell them before or even after the event ends. I only informed them when we had our random meet up like weeks or months later. Even i disallowed Mr Fiance and his friends, my closest girlfriend and my family member to upload anything in regards to my engagement on social media due to my own personal reasons. Alhamdulillah, all of them respected my decision. The temptation to upload my engagement pictures/wedding updates on my social media or to just caption, ‘this is my Fiance’ is super high please but i tell myself not to. So i will always declare Mr Fiance as my other half on twitter instead/closest friend or bff in the making on instagram. This is the only platform that i literally go all out because i somehow feel safer? πŸ˜…

So when i told this particular clique of mine, all are ladies by the way, they reacted quite calmed but eventually got excited and wanted to be part of it. They willing to customise wedding cards for me and offered to drive through to JB to run wedding errands too. There were many things that they listed and offered to help and yes, i was touched and shocked too. But of course, after much consideration, i decided to just ‘you know what dear self, kau nak kahwin kau jangan nak susahkan orang lain‘ kind of mindset since my friends comes from all walk of lifes and commitments just like myself. When they offered help, i told my mother that they going to be my bridesmaid i guess but then i had a total change of view as days passed. Plus, Allah swt decided to show me signs (non-wedding related issues) that sometimes its better you deal everything on your own to avoid any drama. After that incident, i realised that i made the right choice not to have any bridesmaids. 

However, i told myself that i want my closest girlfriend whom i should just say she is my sahabat plus like a sister to me from another mother to be there for me but job scope wise, i don’t know any except for making sure i can have my ice cream during the wedding day itself which ended up with a straight face given by her. Even before i could tell my mother my final plan, my mother told me this, ‘Ayah and Mama will be busy during the event together with your siblings. I am going to entrust you to Ela’ and from there i know what i need to do. Anyway, she calmed me down during my E-day plus laughed at how i trembled during sarung cincin with cramped face, style my hijab for me and just both of us reflecting on life especially on how much she seen me grow. This, these reasons are the one that should guide me in choosing who. She is single, and yes sometimes i feel guilty and sorry etc that she seeing me going through all this while she did wishes for the same too but then again, i wouldn’t want to share my happiest moment with anybody else either, if you know what i mean. I pray that the right man will come and make my girlfriend happy as happy as she can be like how she was there picking me up after all my major hurdles. Because honestly, we did imagine on getting married around the same time and did even wish that maybe we will end up having babies around the same time too, being neighbours. It might looked silly but she and me started way back, way way back even before i met Mr Fiance. 

Of course she knew she will be needed by me so when i told her that she going to be my right hand person, she wasn’t shocked. Yeap, that’s my girlfriend. But not until when i told her randomly few weeks back that we need a day out together to find an outfit. Because she knew my theme colour was blue she bought her raya clothes in blue so that she don’t have to spend more to get clothing for my wedding event. But of course, i decided to get her an outfit which i find it so pretty and of course of her taste too. Told her, ‘eh its my last gift ley to you before i become a wife’ when we met two days back but she ignored me. I showed her and she got excited and told her i might be getting one for myself too and we need another photoshoot! That part, she got excited πŸ˜…πŸ˜‘

The IG that caught my attention was none other than thisπŸ‘‡

I love the outfit worn by the lady in the second picture. Since my theme is mostly tiffany blue for my own family, girlfriend and myself, that colour is just 😍😍😍. I am not planning to go anytime soon since there is five months plus to go. So probably, i will make my way there in December. I am getting for my little sister too. I am so excited to see them looking so pretty in it! Hopefully they carry baju melayu in tiffany like in the picture so that i can get for my little brother. If they carry nice outfit designs for elderly, will settle it for my parents provided they are fine with it since i aiming to make them standout in tiffany blue while telling the rest of family member the theme blue which is broad. In shaa Allah, i pray my grandparents panjang umur, then they can tiffany blue also provided they semangat ah since my grandpa is abit fussy πŸ˜… but priority for them shall be being comfortable the whole day. 

This post made me abit emotional talking about my dearest girlfriend. The only girlfriend that will make me cry and be blunt with me to see me improve. Yet we can quarrel like some couple but next day, she message me like the fight didn’t happen at all. My study buddy, my crying buddy. Did i tell you we can meet each other everyday for like 5 days straight? I forgot if its longer than that. 

But i know someday her Mr leftRight will come to make her his wife. Sooner or later i will need to let her go because our commitments change. But i pray our husbands will understand the bond we share and they will allow us to have meet up at time and maybe achieve our friendship goals too!

Sorry readers if this bore you out but its ending soon, dont worry (provided you did read till here, πŸ˜‚) 

By the way, i went Ikea the day after i completed my painting mission. I shall update about it over the weekend.

For now…

Lots of ❀️,



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