48 hours, 2 manpower, $100 budget!

I am so done with painting of my room! I am so glad it is over because that 48 hours of labour (excluding of rest and sleep time) was beyond madness. It took us 6 hours on day 1 and roughly another 8 hours on day 2 which includes cleaning up and moving of furnitures etc.

Mr Fiance and i teamed up for this because my room will be our room in like 178 days from now. Moreover, my mother have been asking me to paint my room but i hate to paint because it takes a lot of effort and energy. I think i have grown more muscles after all this muscle aches these two days, (in your dream girl). But anyway, we still paint since Ma’am asked us to. It was supposed to be a checklist done in March but heyhey, i procastinate till September but its done now! I am so happy because there won’t be anymore hard tasks till maybe when i have my own place next year? 😖

I am blessed on how amazing Mr Fiance was during these two days tolerating all my complains and naggings. I was literally venting all my frustration due to the painting work but there he was so calm and relaxed. Instead, he checked on me and asked if i am okay. But of course, we ended up bickering like cat and dog at times till my mother came over to see if the room has turned upside down. There was one point she went, ‘asyik bertekak je, padahal paint wall lain lain pun memekak juga. Satu rumah boleh dengar‘ but as the day goes by we toned done and became so quiet and she went, ‘tadi punya bising. sekarang dua-dua senyap. penat ah tu!‘, Mr Fiance and i laughed because we were too tired to annoy each other anymore. 

It has always been an ‘i’ in my whole life but this was the first team up with Mr Fiance. Something i never expect to do or see myself doing though. It became a we. After all that hardwork, we went, ‘we did it!’ and he thanked me for giving my best despite it being a first time painting experience. So thankful for having him around too because he helped me alot with the ceiling part since i and ceiling are enemy. I will end up feeling giddy as soon as i looked up, boo to myself. 

Cleaning part makes the naggy me out again. By then we both were so tired already so we started to slow down and cranky mode on. One thing about him, from before till now, he disallow me to carry heavy stuff and that includes a pail of water. As long as he is around, he will carry it for me. I hope this goes on till we grow old, hehe. 

I wanted to mop and of course, i needed a pail of water etc to clean after that. So he overheard my conversation with my mother that he stop whatever he was doing and asked what was i going to do and i said, ‘nak angkat baldi air ah!’ and he went, ‘NO!’. Of course, i couldn’t help it and replied, ‘kalau semua you tak kasi i angkat/buat, i tak payah buat kerja rumah ah macam gitu‘ (sounded pissed but wanted to laugh actually). This is not inclusive of that time he carried his niece using babywear and also insisted of carrying all the shopping bag for me leaving me with myself and just my bag. If this habit of his or should i say, his caring side stays, i am one fortunate lady. 

The painting experience with him makes me realised few things… Like how it will become a we and no longer i or you only. Through good or bad, we need to overcome it together even if we hate it alot. Like how different we are, he with the highest level of patience but i am the total opposite. Like even if we bicker, we as a couple should still look out for another and motivate each other to achieve the goal together. Most importantly, to thank each other after everything. 

Thank you awak! I didn’t enjoyed the painting experience at all honestly but thank you for allowing me to reflect and learn few things about us. Of course, thank you for taking leave to beautify our future room together. 

Next up, to find new furnitures for our room! I can’t wait to have a complete revamp of the new room and try to achieve my dream room. I thought i was the only excited person to find the stuffs but heyhey, both mother and Mr Fiance is as excited. My mother asked if we should go Ikea later on today? I shall see if it happened because honestly i want to rest and relax at home. The past few days was heavy work and time flew fast. 

As of now, i should have my beauty sleep, haha. Satu tahun lepas rasa macam banyak lagi masa. Tuptup, enam bulan macam tak cukup masa pula. Hahaha. 

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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