180 days mark!

Its been such a long time since i updated this memory space of mine but here it goes…

Marriage Course

After so much procrastination and reminder from Mr Fiance, i finally booked a date in October for us to attend our marriage course with Art of Marriage. I was contemplating between their one day and two days courses but since we prefer it to be in English, it will be a two days course instead. Actually there were many other companies and other dates too but my eyes were too focused on Art of Marriage. I was not that keen in going for the course because i will be feeling awkward. I am such a sucker at saying the first hi while Mr Fiance is the total opposite. In shaa Allah, the two days course will be fun and beneficial for both of us. Not to forget, i need to just keep calm and learn not to be introvert but who i am even kidding?

Booking of Venue

Ever since we knew that we can book the void deck 6 months in advance, my mother have been counting down to it because she was worried someone else will book it first. She even went to the Jurong Town Council to enquire about the earliest date that we can book together with the price while i was busy working. Since my function falls on a Saturday and the set-up is on the Thursday, we managed to book last Friday, the earliest date we could. Since i was working, both my mother and Mr Fiance went to book the venue together. Moreover, Mr Fiance venue is just like ‘eh sebelah block aje‘ kind of thing. In shaa Allah, everything will goes smoothly for the set-up at our respective venues next year.

Since we have booked the venue, both Mr and i are busy sourcing out the right vendor for our invitation cards. We are waiting for the quotation for the cards from one of his close friend whom he regards as a brother. If all is good, we will just stick to his brother but i think i should consider sourcing out a few more vendors, just in case the price is not that attractive.

On a side note, i spend double the price for what Mr Fiance paid for since i booked multi-puporse hall too. Banyak sakit hati wooo tengok duit terbang pergi.

Bridal Room

I was supposed to finalise my bridal room layout and decoration idea during my previous AL but… it didn’t happened. I know that i need to source out the cloth needed for the room during September once my Annual Leave start but i took it for granted until my mother said, ‘okay, we are going Geylang on Saturday (10/9/16) with your Dad and Uncle to get your wedding stuffs’. It freaked the hell out of me but the me still decides to take a chill pill. I was on day shift the day before Saturday and even had a meet-up with my girlfriend which ended late. I could use that few hours to plan everything right? But i decide the otherwise. I only started sourcing out the ideas and the layout after i reached home from the meet-up. I sat on my bed looking at the wall and Instagram, the ideas just flow in and i started scribbling on the stuffs i need. I managed to finish it within a short time and i only did the measurement the next day before heading out with my dad who keep on nagging at me instead.

I managed to get all the cloth i needed from Geylang but headed to Arab Street because this dear self, insisted of finding a glittery cloth but i did not managed to get hold of the piece i really prefer. I decided to choose satin (if i remember correctly) but the price was like $8/m so i decided to change the whole idea and settle for a cheaper version. I wanted tiffany blue but since there wasn’t any colour for the cheaper version, i settled for greyish. So i will use the colour tiffany blue for other decoration of the room since i aiming to get white coloured furnitures in the room. I am not willing to overspend though, such a stingy bride to be. I just got to set my priorities right i suppose.

I even bought cloth to sew curtains for the room so i believe i really need to step up my game for my DIY bridal room project. Mr Fiance tagged along but he leave all the decision making to me because ladies being ladies, there are bound to be issues if opinions and likings differ. Mr Fiance duty for the room was to help me drill so that i can hang the cloth as a backdrop! I am very excited for this yet i am worried that it won’t turn out as what i imagine it to be. I just got to be positive and do it simple, in shaa Allah, it is possible because nothing is ever impossible right? (self-assurance in progress)


That’s my progress this far but i believe i have some hidden and forgotten things that i need to do. I only realised that i need to do it when someone have conversation with me about wedding preparations and i will go, ‘OH YA! THANKS FOR THE REMINDER’ and then i will forget about it again. Like suddenly, the reality is slowly sinking in and i can’t believe it myself that the wedding is like 6 months away. Macam baru hari tu tengok calendar and there is another a year more to go but now, halfway mark already.

As of now, wedding preparation continue…

Sekaligus, Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha besok! Kepada sesiapa yang berpuasa, selamat berbuka puasa nanti ye.

P/s: malasnya nak paint bilik this week but… bopian ah!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️





8 thoughts on “180 days mark!

  1. Salam! 🙂 I’ve signed up for Art of Marriage too! Initially when I saw that you booked one of the dates in Oct, I thought that its the same date as mine.. Haha! But its not.. Anw, my nikah date (insyaallah) is one week after yours! 😀 Happy to see a march 2017 BTB!


    • Wa’alaikummusalam! Hehe. I guess its the excitement to know someone booked the similar kind of thing! Heh. But its okay! I think no matter whats the date it will be beneficial 🙂

      March is going to be an amazing month for us! In shaa allah, may all goes smoothly for us! Happy to have known another march 2017 btb!

      Liked by 1 person

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