Raya overdue-d.

Its been such a long time since i update my space but here i am, so hello ladies! No time for post but there is always time to read posts by you dearest ladies. It is such a nice feeling to see bride-to-be getting so excited as their big day approaches or other exciting news. I get excited seeing other people excited.

Raya is long over but i didn’t managed to complete my raya routine like before due to work commitments. Moreover, Mr Fiance is busy with his overtime too. Grandmother got admitted during Raya season and i spent my weekend off taking care of her. Eventually, i had my short ‘annual leave’ again since i fell sick and got MC on my two consecutive working days before my off and rest day. However, this year raya was different because our parents met up to discuss the final details about the big day.

Our working schedule clashed badly during raya season and due to the uncertainty of unable to do raya visit to his parents place with him on our common off days, i proceeded to have my ‘okay-go-je’ crash his parent’s place for raya alone in my not raya clothing. It was really an impromptu plan after having my self-therapy session and hunting of his niece’s birthday gift. However, early that morning, his mother texted me and asked if they could come over that very night to discuss about the wedding but guess what, i immediately gave reasons to make it impossible to happen. I was too nervous and wasn’t ready to really finalise all the details that i rejected my future in-laws to come over to meet my parents. Moreover, i had a very bad obstacle with dearest self during Ramadhan and Syawal that i was struggling to find the answer till i went into my own cave far from everyone except for my dearest girlfriend. It wasn’t a nice thing to feel at all. My girlfriend was pretty much worried for me but as of now, Alhamdulillah, i am way better.

Allah s.w.t knows what is best for us. No matter how much you reject or turn it away, if it meant to happen, it will happen. So my visit to their house and me informing my mother about Mr Fiance’s parent’s intention eventually made both parents meet up that very night. Yes, it happened even when i wasn’t ready and i did not want it to happen. I know guy’s side will always head over to the girl’s side but my parent’s went over his place to meet his parents since they wanted to Raya at the same time. Breaking the tradition rule – my dad’s idea. The whole conversation and meet up session was awkward for them and i was just enjoying the view. Mr Fiance and i sat down on the floor enjoying our food while watching the television. Lepak gang! 

Ever since that meet up, things got double up but this girl right here become more stagnant and lost. Honestly, i don’t know what to proceed next and what else to do. Malas gang! Left with just 7 months more to go, Mr Fiance side has already book his caterer and decor under one company for just $9000 plus. 1 month more to booking of venue, 2 months more to booking of ROMM, 4 months more to first fitting. Time is passing too fast right now.

He is excited while i am having more fears. Maybe because i am just a woman. A woman who thinks so much, that’s what he always says.

May Allah s.w.t keep guiding me till the big day because honestly, whatever i felt for that 2 months wasn’t friendly and positive.

Till the next update.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️




2 thoughts on “Raya overdue-d.

  1. It’s normal to worry about the future. And it’s very normal for girls to overthink! Do talk it out with yr family and fiancè and seek guidance from Him. Insya Allah it’s just a phase u are going through. HUGS!


    • In shaa Allah! Hehe, thank you thank you! I guess nothing comes easy and everything will come with obstacles phase. Hope everything has been awesome for you! VIRTUAL HUG!


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