Mission 1: Acne Control/Depletion

Ramadhan is ending in a few days time and work resume tomorrow for myself. Time really flew fast, too fast. I shall countdown to my next annual leave in September during the Hari Raya Haji week which is still a long way to go but its my only source of motivation for now.

Based on the post title, its part of my mission towards the big day. Those who have read my previous post which was posted months before in regards to acne & scars will know how affected i am and have been trying different supplements/methods. I tried the suggested treatment by my friend but it didn’t work out for me. Then i decide to use JCjelly but i eventually let my little brother consume because of certain reasons.

Well, i have been reading up and looking at tutorials at times in regards to make up essentials, in hope to learn about it so that i can start to beautify self for my future husband but not always. Plus, my acne and redness have been so bad so i thought its time i need to cover it up with some basic make up so that people will not comment indirectly or directly towards Mr Fiance on the choice of lady he chose as his life partner. That is the thought of a low self-esteem girl. Of course, Mr Fiance did not support my idea at all but he eventually did after i reason out the why(s). Is anybody feeling the same like me though?

So i made my way to Sephora during my leave with my girlfriend during her work break time. I managed to get my most important make up essential, the green corrector or is it call primer (pardon me if i get the name all mixed up) which is really good in my point of view after using it. From wanting to get one thing, the bill ended up to me getting more make up junkies. Girlfriend was supposed to only accompany me but she ended up shopping too. Mr Fiance pop by after his bike license practical and kept commenting on how much its not a need to make up etc. During payment, he saw the total bill and he literally went, ‘i’ll work more OT for you sayang so that i can afford to get your make up stuffs’ and i went off telling him not to be sarcastic and he laughed at me. EVIL!

However, the trip to Sephora was really a blessing in disguise please. The salesperson recommended me this! LOOK BELOW! Has anyone of you used it before? Because i find it working very well on my acne! I went to Sephora that day with around 6 forming acne and i  used this that very night just to see the smallest acne gone and the biggest acne getting shrink. So sorry if it sound gross to you but people with acne will understand the happiness i am feeling! I was skeptical about it at first but thankfully, i bought it! If this really continue to work well for a month or so, i will really want to get their cleanser or other product in relation to clearing my acne away!


So recently Dad recommend me this (look below) and insisted that i should give it a go. Reason being was that he tried the same exact brand but for his knee joint and there was improvement. So he bought it online for his daughter and son to try, yeap, my brother is suffering from the same condition just like me. Its genetic i should say. clearactiv.jpgIts a powder sachet and it taste totally fine for me. There is a taste to it but it taste like normal water somehow or rather since it need to be mix with water. I have been drinking it for the past new nights since its once before every bedtime. Its still too early to say but my parents in particular have been saying that my skin looks smoother now, so i shall keep praying it works on me too.

So my girlfriend have been using this particular supplements from Mobilebeautysg and she recommended to me. As usual, i am someone not easily keen and please because i am tired of trying but getting no results. However, i saw the difference in her skin. Moreover, the lady boss is so sweet please. Most seller will just recommend you something and once you purchase, they will just do one time follow up to ask if its working well on you and it ends there. However, for this lady boss, she audio note me and informed me of the few treatments  i need and she will walk through the whole process from the start until i achieve the ultimate result that i want to. So if there is any reaction/effects along the way, she will guide me through. She did that with my girlfriend and my girlfriend really love her service. So i thought of trying out their products too soon but probably going for her facial first but if the product i bought from Sephora and the drink supplement work wonders, who knows maybe i don’t need any other additional products.

The feeling i am having right now reminds me of the time when Cetaphil cleanser works so well on me. So this is one of my few mission to prepare for the big day. The rest can wait for now.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


4 thoughts on “Mission 1: Acne Control/Depletion

  1. I tried the kinohimitsu for a while but stopped cos I was too lazy! I have problem skin as well and been trying for ages to solve the problems, esp the scars! Currently I’m going for laser treatment to remove the scars! But it’s so pricey 😭😭😭 hope your skin will be radiant in time for the big day! 🙂


    • Even my friend suggested laser treatment too! Because she experienced the same issue as me but it can cost up to 1k for just 6 sessions? I hope i will keep to the regime though then after tht can source out next products for the redness and scar. In shaa allah, we will find the suitable product for our oh-so-fussy face when the time comes!


  2. Salam (: Hi, I believe I have similar skin with you. I have like acnes and redness which gets pretty hard to control because I am having fair skin. So I did the same as you, I went to sephora bought like make ups and facial products expensive ones with hope that it helps but unfortunately, the facial products especially went into a waste. Its like you have to keep purchasing it. So I tried kinohimitsu too, it helps slightly. Then I went for consistent weekly for basic facial treatments like for 3 months, it helps but I started doing research like eating healthy, try my best avoid oily, spicy food and milk for pimples, ohhh and sunlight since we get red often. With advice from my bestfriend, I put egg whites, honey and egg yolk on my face like a mask every night. It slowly gives me the baby smooth skin, and soothe my redness, it also moisturize the skin. Well the smell is not so good, but I became to love it. Becus its cheap solutions and even when i dont spend money on facial once a while, these regime helps. The thing abt acnes or redness or pimples, is that we have to reduce chemicals on our face and make up. I reduce using thick make up to allow it to breathe and eat healthy and place organic stuffs on the face is the best. Hope it helps (:


    • Wa’alaikummusalam! Thank you sis for the update! I have fair skin too and apparently my supervisor once told me people with fair skin have high chance of skin problem like this. I tried using lemon but the after effect is so painful like stinging pain. My brother also had the same problem but his perseverance with jc jelly show alot of improvement tghtr with the usage of kinohimitsu. Now i am trying a new product like organic, and some drink that taste like grass (sungguh tak sedap) to clear innerly. Just started, in shaa allah, if its good, i will do a review. They said results can be seen from 3 months onwards. I bought make up but i hardly use because more pimples ended on my face. Thank you for sharing the tips and at least i know i am not the only person facing it because honestly i always feel i am the only one who facing this issue. Hopefully your efforts will make your face improvement and some people say lepas kahwin/mengandung in shaa allah hilang, mana tahu kan? 😉


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