Berkat SETTLED! ✓

It’s the 28th today. So we turned seven months. I remember more of the engagement period since the 28th is the digit date to my birthday. Since today is 28th too, its my little sister birthday! We, the three siblings, our birthday date is 28th but only the month differs. We’re the cool siblings or is it, my parents are too cool when it comes to having babies back then?

Eight months more to go and to be precise, 257 days more to the wedding. I know its still way too early but i am so settled with the doorgift! The doorgift was decided by my parents and even when i gave a negative replied, they ignore my views and proceed with their plan.  So it was ordered online and shipped over. There were total of 3-5 deliveries within a day for the doorgift because the boxes were too huge. My parents, little sister and myself, we did QC checked on it that very night it arrived but it was way too much so mum continued with her QC check the following days when i was busy working. Verdict – they gave additional 10 more to covered for any damage, in total, there were 6 damages after QC check. Overall, items received in good packaging and was delivered within few weeks. My parents were so happy with their choice especially my dad.

My initial plan was to just give the doorgift just as the way it is but my mother refused and insisted on having a packaging (which i forget what is the right word to describe it). So we did went to party shop/Arab Street/Geylang to check it out but the price range was too expensive. We could opt to head over to Johor Bahru but i have no intention to head over there with my mum’s health condition. The price range for one piece was $0.40 to $0.90. It wasn’t worth it at all. So my dad searched online and managed to get good deal. One piece for as low as $0.14. So they measured and chose the colour themselves without asking my opinion.

Few weeks later the packaging arrived and thankfully, it falls during my annual leave. So i managed to pack it into its respective packaging. My parents know how much i am in love with blue especially turquoise to tiffany blue range, so they chose the colour of my liking. Everything was packed within a day till my neck and back hurts big time. I did almost 90% of the packaging until my mum came over to help when it was about to finish. My verdict of the packaging my dad bought online – design and colour was too pretty for me, however, they have some manufacturing defects such as the size in particular but probably only about 20 pieces that was smaller in size and could not fit the doorgift at all. Overall, it was a good choice made by my dad who is a online shopper addict. What matters most is that my parents are happy but of course, i feel the pain instead.

So the sample picture of the doorgift is shown below which i grabbed from google image. I don’t know how the guests will react to it because i felt neutral since i don’t have much say in it but i did asked my close friends their views. Their feedback at first was, ‘isn’t it expensive?’, ‘are you seriously crazy?’ and eventually it toned down to, ‘i think its a good idea afterall’, ‘not bad ahhh’ and ‘i think people will like it’. I don’t know how to feel about it actually but well, its all settled now. So i don’t have to rush through the berkat preparation at the very last minute like those times during my cousin’s wedding that i eventually slept during my orientation class at work.

I felt so happy and relieved that its done because i don’t have to trouble my other love ones to come over my place during the weeding week just to pack this. Plus the more people get involved, the more chaotic the whole house will become. Being an introvert, sometimes you just love to do the work alone provided its manageable.

Now that its already packed nicely into three boxes and stored at the corner of my room, i shall close this berkat case until March 1o/March 11 next year, in shaa Allah, when its time to bring it down to the event to be given away.

On a good note, i managed to clean up my room and threw those unnecessary things away. Nearly 5 big thrash bags and gave away some items that i no longer need. I am just left to look through the clothing in the wardrobe which can be done next time and hopefully give away those clothing that i no longer see myself wearing anymore in the near future since Mr Fiance is very particular on how i wrap myself. Member pernah eh tanya, ‘do you have any intention to wear niqab?’ and i laughed it off because my friend once told me it takes so much sacrifices etc before you don it. But of course, he was just asking and meant nothing serious because member curious, thats why. A good job to myself and i deserve a tub of ice cream for being productive.

So i planned to settle more things this week especially to plan on what are the things i need to do once the festive season is over. In need to think of the bridal room decoration design by this week so that i can just make my way to get the items once the time arrive. So much of thinking that wedding preparation will be stagnant till further notice. Guess what, it has just kick start by itself again.

All the best to us, the BTBs! In shaa Allah!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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