Oh hello!

My annual leave start one day earlier since the supervisor have been asking people to take AL the past few days due to over manpower during shift, i agreed to take extra AL today after working for straight 8 days. If not, today will be my 9th day working and it will be my 4th day shift in a row. I can never function well if i work more than 6 days straight. My immune will start to give way and i will have my endless backaches accompanied with headaches. So here i am updating this space since i am clueless on what should i start doing first.

Encountered 2 cases of married couple in their 30s whose spouse passed on. To see how the husband cried break my heart and to know another passed on leaving behind his wife, i pray she have all the strength and support she truly need. The most strongest woman to nurse his husband in his last days and to see how a person was in the last 100 days in terms of our religion, is just beyond description. So lets don’t take things for granted that even when we are still young or just married or about to get marry, we have so much time in this world with our love ones and our partner. Both couple were only married about 2-4 years range. It makes most of my colleague see their other half differently. Some of my colleague stared at their other half and reflect on how lucky they are and pray for their constant good health. I had my fair share of reflection too till i became such a nagger whenever Mr Fiance overwork massively. He have been constantly taking up overtime and burning his off days each week, leaving with just one rest day per week. His reason, i want to save up for our wedding, house and our family we going to build. Even if his mindset is right, he is risking his health.

I am in need to be very productive this annual leave since i have to clean up my room to make way for new bed and new things in my room. Mr Fiance has started his sound system on me and i am like, ‘chill’. I really hope i will do it right this time and not laze around doing something else. The fact that Ramadhan is coming to its end soon, it means i need to double up on my wedding preparations too, (nak nangis boleh sebab malas nak buat pun ada tetapi tamparan yang sebenarnya patut diberi). I dreamt that i was supposed to book Tok Kadi and i didn’t. That dream was a disaster.

Alhamdulillah Fiance and myself have been doing well despite some hiccups. Just that cobaan orang dari masa dulu datang kembali , aku tak tahu apa niatnya tetapi apapun, tak perlu eh.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️



6 thoughts on “Oh hello!

  1. This babe! This! Ive been nagging at my fiance too for working too hard. I mean, we know their intention is good. They work hard for us, for the wedding and etc but their health is important too. Right? Kadang2 ckp pon sama jgk degil. Haiss.

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    • YES I KNOW RIGHT! Degilnya maha degil tahap maksima but alhamdulillah we met guys with good sense of responsibility but maybe they need to just tone down a little. Sooner or later i hope they know the meaning of work life balance and rest. Maybe their mindset susah susah sekarang then senang kemudian maybe? Since they have yet to have more commitments in hands? But we shall continue praying for their constant good health for all the sacrifices they did for us, thats the best we can do right?

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      • Yup. Agree! We are fortunate to have met someoneyg responsible. Alhamdulillah. Thats what my fiance told me too. Biar susah skrg, senang2 kemudian. In Shaa Allah. And yg, bole doakan aje, especially on their health.


      • May our fiance be in safe hands and good health always! As for us we shall continue being a good supportive fiancee to them, in shaa allah. 😊😊 take care babe!

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  2. Omg yes! My Fiance too work too much (which is usually one of our causes of little fights). To them we dont have enough for the future. Which makes perfect sense but to see him busting his nights to get OT and taking night duty works abit too much eh. Hahahahaa. But guys are guys hor we nag so much also super stubborn. Only when they get sick then they look for us for TLC. But kita pun sama jeeee dorg gitu tetapp sayang eh. 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈


    • Hahaha, but working too frequent can affect their health, their focus on work esp when lack of sleep. Thats what i worry most. Kalau keje office takpe juga, duduk depan computer je. At most they will end up sleeping on the keyboard instead 😂😂 but i guess thats why Allah makes Adam & Hawa. Adam yang bekerja keras and Hawa to nag at them. Tak eh? 🙊🙊

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