stagnant till further notice…

We are going to enter Ramadhan in few more days, in shaa Allah. Wedding preparations have been stagnant since weeks before. Decisions after decisions changed as your discussion progress too. Probably giving up the idea of having henna party after having a discussion with my Mother. Few days back, i told her that it will be memorable for her and also myself if on the henna night, i be her personal henna artist. No, i do not have any henna background etc but i have always doodle on my Mother’s hands and legs and she love it almost 90% of the time. So i told her that it will be unique to have your daughter, a future bride-to-be, doodling for you few days before her big day. She wasn’t please with the idea at first, but i kept emphasising, it will be a sweet thing and you will remember my last few touch before i become someone’s wife. She kept saying that i need to do my own henna too (which will be just fingers capping) and i won’t have time for her since i will be working shift too. I never thought of having a proper henna for myself because honestly, i am bad with it. I love it but few days later, i cannot wait for the stain to be off. I just love to see my hands bare as it is, most of the time. Weird but true. So i persuaded my mother that i can be her personal henna artist for the night and she agreed but lets see if she will change her mind in the months to come. Overall, i am excited to do it for her 2 days before my big day, i bet both my mother and i will feel overwhelmed with different emotions during the activity.

Alhamdulillah, the sample door gift that my dad ordered online arrived like few weeks back and i was the one who opened it up first. Watsapp to my family group and my parents got excited. They had their discussion at night and made their decision to proceed with the chosen door gift. It wasn’t my preference actually but my parents love it, so i shall just give a thumbs up and pray that everything goes smoothly. So the final payment for the door gifts are settle and now we are just going to wait for the supply. Just left to find the carrier for the door gifts. So once all the door gifts and carrier supply is here, i am just going to start packing it and store it one side. Sounds like a good plan for dear self.

Mother and i managed to drop by the Town Council last week because my mother want to enquire about the booking. She said if can book now, we book! Oh mother! However, we can only book like exactly 6 months before and unfortunately, the person who was on duty that day was a replacement so she couldn’t totally gave the exact price for the booking. So we are going to make our way down to Town Council again in September with Mr Fiance since we need to book the venues and ours are just like block to block. Hopefully it fall during my annual leave week in September.

As much as this space will remain stagnant and there won’t be much updates on my wedding preparation, i need to start on my room makeover! Probably that will be active during Ramadhan since i have one week of annual leave. I need to start cleaning up my room and get rid of things that i no longer need. I need to make way for a bigger bed, a television, a PS3, army stuffs and whatever that Mr Fiance want to bring over. So June annual leave is to make space as much as i can. September annual leave is to paint up the room and rearrange the necessary stuff. End of November shall be furniture hunting and to make it deliver over during my December annual leave so that we can tidy up the room etc. I am glad that this year annual leave is space out nicely since we didn’t really plan about the wedding like 2 years back or something. Moreover when we got engaged, my leave was already plotted. I need to find all my willpower and throw my laziness aside so that i will make my way to Geylang/Arab Street to find the right cloth to make the curtains/backdrop for my bridal room after fasting month or festive season ends.

From the look of it, it will get even more busy after raya. I hope i can make use of my annual leave properly since i wasted my March annual leave just like that. Mr Fiance have yet to book anything which is even awesome. All i know is that his photographer is settled since it is his bestfriend. Aku relax, member pun relax. I pray that everything will go smoothly despite how relax or chill we both are in terms of planning our wedding. I almost forgot. I need to attend marriage course too and i have yet to source it out. I shall leave it to another day to think about it.

Mr Fiance is turning a year older before fasting month and i am excited to celebrate his birthday with him though the plan is not finalised yet. Plus, Mother gave me this Visions pot for my new place and it made me so excited! Not helping that both mother and daughter were excited too! We were discussing on how she going to accompany me at my place when Mr Fiance is working so that i can do my chores and cook, then i will send her home and packed food away too so she don’t have to cook. However, there was one part that i said, ‘When he works morning shift and i afternoon or off day, i will wake up same timing as him and i am coming over to sleep at Mama’s place ok?’ and she went, ‘kau dah gila ke apa?’ and i laughed loudly seeing her reaction. Dear future house of ours, keep building up yourself well ok? We will see you soon, in shaa Allah.

Dearest piggy (why is it piggy eh?) bank, lets work well with each other and please keep growing well because one day i am going to smash you with a big hammer!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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    • Thats why! Well, i have a reply though in a funny joking way but later people end up being offended instead. Hahah, till then, it will always remain a mystery 😂

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