Mooolahhh 💰

I have not been focusing on my wedding preparation so much. Because i am forever weighing the pros & cons between two vendors. I will take a very long time to consider since their package and price also varies. At the end of the day, i just want the best and trusted vendors but of course, to spend within my budget. Well, that aside.

The past few weeks Mr Fiance and me have been discussing alot in regards to future planning. We met with his closest best friend or whom he regard as his brother but from another mother. We sat and had meals together. Subsequently get down to real business. Firstly was to settle Mr Fiance insurance since he have yet to have one and he got a good deal and promotion so eventually, i ended up wanting to switch mine but fair enough, we are both covered. 

I have been thinking abour future finance like really alot more than usual since i know in the future, most of my responsibilities will be double or triple. You will have loans to pay back and more bills to settle. Then you may eventually have little juniors of yours, in shaa Allah, growing up. Their healthcare and their education needs. The expenses you used to spend when you are single will no longer stay the same. 

I have been asking Mr Fiance that i want to do savings plan with him since its a good starting platform. Eventually years later, the money will come very useful for the future needs. Its better start small and especially when you have lesser commitments. Thankfully, Mr Fiance had the same mindset and brought up another suggestion.

So other than the initial plan of having proper coverage for Mr Fiance, we enquire more from his brother and since i have always been reading up but have yet to do anything. It was a good chance to ask everything and anything. So Mr Fiance and i had endless discussion on the amount of money to start of with and weighing the pros and cons.

Three of us have been meeting up more often the past weeks since we have many things to consider and talk about. We will end up laughing more in between the real business. We went to seek more information together since his brother want to learn more at the same time. We talked about renovation loan etc. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to settle it and just got to wait for the paperwork. Eventually, its a joint effort between Mr Fiance and me in hope it can be used for the house/kids education. I am glad i have found a partner that see the priority of saving up for the rainy days though at times he is more stricter than mez 

I have many more things that i need to read up and enquire more from his brother since its now about the BTO house and CPF scheme. As long as i do all this before i collect our house keys, so that they won’t wipe off all the amount in my OA. My goal is to settle my house loan within a shorter time frame because i do not want to pay back more to HDB. Lets see if it can be done. With proper planning and savings, in shaa Allah, we can. 

Now i understand why my dad used to do all this when he was just 18 years old. I wish i did understand it earlier but my dad have always emphasise that if i want it then i need to learn it myself through the hard way. I guess i am? 

On a brighter note, i just booked my photographer and paid my deposit. Yes, one down… but many more to go! 😐

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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