Bridal Checked ✓

Its been so long since i updated this space of mine but here it goes! Initial plan was to source out own outfits and MUA for the day but with a BTB that cannot be bothered to start sourcing out and kept informing her mother and Fiance that she will do LATER, it ended up with a change of plan.

My mother in particular is very worried of my wedding preparation progression because honestly, i am delaying everything and anything that i can because there is eleven months more to go. Plus, i failed to even make my way down to Geylang to source for the outfits during my Annual Leave. Moreover, Mr Fiance 12-hour shift always majorly clashes with mine which further add on to my pure laziness 😊

So of course, i decide to activate my PLAN B. I decide to be really productive and email/personal message most of the available bridal vendors out there. I kept researching and asking for their quotations. Eventually compared prices and their available services within the package that they offered. Some are really that attractive. They offer complimentary customised heels/bridal henna. Being a human, you will get attracted by it. Eventually, after everything, i surveyed almost 20 plus minus different bridal vendors. Some offered good promotion packages such as bridal and photography rate ranging from $1900 onwards. Amidst the researching, i madly fall in love with one of the bridal vendor because of the outfits. I emailed and patiently wait for their quotation, hoping its a good deal which turned out to be fine.

After all those, i discussed with Mr Fiance who eventually turned down my bridal proposal plan but he changed his mind eventually after considering the pros and cons. So i did a powerpoint presentation of the different bridal vendors with their stated quotation, service and outfits range to present to him. We exchange our opinions and narrow down the selection. It was hard! We took few times to narrow down the selection and when it comes to the remaining 6, it became even harder till we ended up individually rate it according to our preference. After that we managed to come down to 3! Of course, the one that i am madly in love with is in the top 3.

Initial thought was okay, i shall make the appointment with them few months later since there is no rush, but Mr Fiance nag and used reverse psychology on me. So i texted and book an appointment with this bridal that we seem to have common liking and guess what, its situated at the East. Its just fated that i need to travel far for this even though i am not loving it. I did further research on the company and Alhamdulillah, its a registered business with a (live) entity status and prepared a list of questions to enquire during the appointment prior to deciding too. I am so anal but can’t help it, i am scared. It is that scary because you never know if you will ever make the right decision 😢

I managed to let my mother browse through their IG profile and receive an acknowledgement that their outfits are nice. So now its just left with the enquiry because my second fear is the hidden cost. I have been asking my colleague around that some do charge extra for alteration of their outfits. Some bridal charge extra if you were to select their latest collection/design series. Some bridal only offer few hours of bridal service, extension of service means additional charge. So eventually, the cost price will end up higher than what they quoted. So whats the whole point of the original quotation to begin with. So if all is not to my preference, i decide to fall back to PLAN A again or maybe, think of PLAN C.

I was damn nervous because this is the first time and damn, i am really making that first step already. Mr Fiance is damn calm. Member chill, aku gabra. I am so bad at saying the first hello to a new stranger, maybe that explains it. When we arrived, we received a very warm welcome. It was just her and herself, the owner of the boutique. We arrived too early so she was actually doing her outfits task. We sat and she start the ball rolling so it went pretty smooth. I literally asked all the questions i need to and Alhamdulillah, no extra charges for the certain services that i thought may end up with additional charge. Just that, reapplication of make up may cost so she suggested an alternative plan for me. Moreover, standard bridal complimentary is fresh flower bouquet. So now i have another addition.

So i was pretty much glad and pleased with the explanation. After all, the quotation was too good to be true for me. I mean i surveyed too many bridals, this is one of the better deals. If not, the second on the list, the quotation price is about $500 difference away. Its a one day event, i won’t want to spend too much on it either. Plus, it was within my criteria that i set. Mr Fiance gave me green light and we paid a deposit on the spot too to ease the paperwork retrieval. Alhamdulillah, i have secure a bridal for my wedding. In shaa Allah, i hope and pray i made the right choice for both my other half and myself. May it goes smoothly.

So i guess i have no choice but to just have a good bond with East side since i am going to make my way to East again for at least another 2 more times. 331 days more and i have already secured a catering and bridal vendor. From the look of it, i have many more vendors to secure next.

Next in line – photographer/decor&dais/cake/invitation cards

What else am i missing out? On a good note, i am just left to get Mr Fiance his baju kurung and another addition of songkok and i can close my checklist for the tray gifts. However, he have yet to get anything for me because what will i reply to him, ‘later lah!’ 😂

In need of reviews from ex-BTBs/BTBs out there, anybody ever engage with this decor & dais vendors (SG deco & dais / YHwedding Services)? If yes, do give me advice on it! I will greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance! 😊

One round of night shift starting from tonight for me and tomorrow will be for Mr Fiance!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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