+123 days / -346 days 

Alhamdulillah, turned 24th on March, 28th and of course, its been four months and counting being someone’s fiancee. No doubt its different from those days when he was just your ‘boy-friend’. Lastly, its one day closer to the #projectsbxsr as each day pass.

24th Birthday

Honestly, birthday isn’t my thing since i don’t know when. I am glad i am given another chance to see the world surrounded with my love ones. Of course, this time its different because status is different too. It wil be the last as a single lady before i become someone’s wife. Both Mr Fiance and my mother had a simple surprise plan for me which turned out off guard for me. One word – blessed. What touched me more is to get a pandora charm which symbolises ‘my precious daughter’ and how to even control my tears upon getting it. So another charm added to my collection! Mr Fiance got me the bag that i have always wanted but being a plain mudane girl, i will forgo those bag but hey, i got it as a gift. Rezeki, Syukur! 😊

Friendship Photoshoot!

Last Saturday, both my close girlfriend and i had our 10 years friendship photoshoot in conjuction to our birthdays too. So for the fun of it, we went for a make-up makeover and oh yes, that was my first time having a proper make up done. Main intention, to see how i really truly look with make up done by MUA! So what was my reaction? I got the shocked of my life and my girlfriend pretty much expected my reaction. I just could not accept how i looked because i am just used to seeing my face bare. Mr Fiance was totally against how i look and kept rubbing salt on my wound, ‘i still prefer your face even when got acne. The make up is making you look fake. I want my sayang back’. Whole day, he was screwing me top bottom for doing that to myself. I can’t imagine my wedding day later 😣

Girlfriend and i had fun though i was really bad with the poses. I am camera shy. In short, low self confidence but halfway through, i adjusted well and i went with the flow. The pictures were so pretty and now, i am considering to take him as my wedding photographer especially when we know each other too through common contacts. An introvert here, so i work well with people i have already known. Plus, he told me off directly, ‘why you so kaku?! you need to warm up and learn to pose. Later wedding must lean against husband chest, you shy, how?’ and of course that got me thinking who should i get for my photographer. Some of the photo below!


Ring 💍

A day after my birthday, we went to collect my ring and my oh my, i fall in love with my wedding ring that he chose based on what i prefer. Instantly in love with it. The feeling was so surreal. I just can’t believe that i have reach that stage whereby a man will buy me a diamond ring. As much as its still far away, the needs to proceed with akad nikah is settle! So if all plan fails, fret not, we will still proceed with akad nikah as long as there is bride, groom, wali, saksi and tok kadi. Good to go uhh?! So our rings are settle, Alhamdulillah! 😊😍

So i am pretty much occupying my annual leave with my love ones. Settling family errands, chilling at grandparents place and spending time with my other precious love ones. We did our all time favourite which was to shop at NTUC with his niece and today, i literally ran around the NTUC with stroller chasing his niece while he did the groceries shopping. She will go UNCLEEEEE! Not to forget her baby talks and then AUNTYYYYY! Forever making my heart race whenever she ran and giant adult is coming in opposite way. She made my day and in shaa Allah, one day, i will feel how is it like to be a Mother. The most prestigious status of all 😊

Managed to meet up with my future mother in law for some chats and as usual from i planned to go home early, i will end up going home even later. Best part, her son complained, ‘Mama tengok lah dia taknak cari baju kahwin’ and i just gave a 😅 look to her and Mr Fiance. His mum asked me, ‘malas eh?’ and i happily replied, ‘ah ah cik. masih ada masa lagi. So dont worry’. She did not say anything negative. Moreover, she totally feel me since i once told her i just wanted to do the wajib but sadly, i can’t because of expectations. 

Girls pressure their partner but for my situation, Mr Fiance is the one pressuring me and kept questionning me when are we going to settle A/B/C etc and i will reply, ‘don’t worry, still got time. I lazy and i want to chill’ then he got fed up and won’t ask any further. In shaa allah, kalau jodoh, kita akan nikah juga. So lets go with the flow and du’a for the best! 

Lots of love,

MS SR ❤️



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