365 + (7) = 11032017

I have been reading many BTB’s blog on how much they would love to get their dream wedding but reality don’t seems to be on their side, mainly because of parents expectations. For some entries, it made me realised that i have been giving in to my parents, well, in particular my mother. With that, it will surely made me spend beyond my budget that i have set aside. I got pretty frustrated that i failed to achieve what i have plan and target for my own wedding but dear self, lets be sincere in everything you do which i know you are though at times it made you mad too? Just got to remind myself constantly that a mother’s happiness may grant you countless of good deeds and make your life blissful. In shaa Allah, it will make my marriage life a blessed marriage too. Time to see if i make any forward/stagnant/backward progress in project #sbxsr but categories discussed are not in sequence.

Catering ✔️

Basically, my mother is handling it but i am still doubting the number of pax she is taking which is 1000? That totally made me unsettle because honestly, its too much since after i asked her to write down her guest list, its not even close to 200/250 cards. Well, i guess its just my mother being an overly-excited mother of a BTB.

Decor & Dais

I have yet to even take a look at the decor and dais offered by the caterer that my mum engaged for the wedding. Plus, she forgot if we should called up the Mak Cik to arrange an appointment to take a look at the album or is it the other way round. As of now, if initial plan to take the caterer decor & dais fail (as in not to my preference), i shall proceed with my other plans. I love the decor & dais from Anggun since my cousin’s wife engaged them during her wedding but i decided to cross my eyes/ears/mouth and heart upon hearing the price range from my cousin. Time for me to really write down their package prices accordingly just in case i am not engaging the offered decor & dais service by the caterer.

Qyra Design/Mutiara by LBG/RS Wedding/Naf Design & Ideas/Yhwedding services/SG Dais and Deco/Wedding by LQ


My dad has been researching on various online website from crystal to alarm clock to manicure kit set. End up, he got all confused and frustrated because he just cannot make up his mind. I was suppose to settle the berkat but my parents refused to let me take control of it so that explains everything. My dad love online shopping from various website on various things from supplements to pants to light-bulbs to whatever he can buy online which explain my next section.

Bridal Bouquet✔️

Mr Fiance’s elder sister texted me personally stating that she wanted to sponsor my bouquet and recommended me this IG account: brideloveflower which she personally love. I added on IG to scroll through to see if any of it is to my liking but i was having some heart attack moments upon seeing the price range. The bouquets are pretty but not the price. As much as she wants to sponsor, i don’t feel good because that hundreds of dollar could really help her to get awesome baby clothes and toys for my future niece-to-be. So my dad who is just good in online shopping manged to get me different range of good deal flower bouquet which is below SGD$50. The bouquets are just as similar and wow too. I mean there are cheap and expensive range depending on your taste of bouquet. Finally, my dad has made an order so lets see if this turn out to be true and good as how his other online stuffs turned out to be.

Ring ✔️

We collected Mr Fiance’s ring today and at the same time, we managed to get my ring too! Mr Eric attended to us and gave us further discount so that was awesome. Mr Fiance was just sitting down and looking at how i was spoil for choice. I kept trying many different rings and asked for the price. All he did was that nice, if you like it then take it without taking into consideration the price range because he says, ‘its my money. i won’t live for long and all i want is to see you happy’. I love most of their design but the collection range are of ouch kind of price range but we managed to get the ring i love from there. Mr Fiance is a very happy man today seriously after he bought that ring for me. He went, ‘ring settled. another step closer’. I think we surveyed more for Mr Fiance ring while mine, we only went to Goldheart vs Lee Hwa but online reviews made me stick to one particular shop. I was keen to head to Lovis Diamond but i guess rezeki cincin was from that shop only.


As recommended by one of the BTB to tried canva.com which i tried. Its fun and nice too. You girls should give it a go. I tried to a design my own card but i got stuck at the second part because of the map then i stop. I take a look at the other vendors too and Akad quotation was indeed attractive. As of now, i have yet to make up my mind. My mum suggested to just continue designing but i on the other hand unsure of what i truly want and need. I shall continue suck thumb for this till i make up my mind.

Videographer ✔️

My mum informed me that her cousin’s husband (my uncle) will be my videographer since he worked as the cameraman shooting drama in Astro etc in KL. So i guessed i do not need to worry about anything. I hope it will not be a trouble for him though.


I had a very tight budget in mind for this because i do have an intention to do studio photo-shoot/overseas photo-shoot. So i was just surveying but i know i could hardly get a photographer within my budget. After surveying, managed to list down two photographers. Both are suggested by my close friends. Their quotation are within my price range but i have yet to book any one of them. Probably because i have yet to make up my mind. Moreover, i am going to have a 10 year friendship photo session with my closest girlfriend this month by mdqifays_ so if it turned out amazing, i might just take him. Afterall, we know each other existence too. Here is the 2 listed photogapher of my choice IG: lensa_photos / mdqifays_


Time to brainstorm for ideas and contact my Zuranskitchen!

Make-up Artist & Outfits

Not even there. Not close yet but at least started to survey already. When will watiemisty open up her 2017 booking because i want to engage her service if i have the chance to.

Bridal Room

My mum is making noise about it already and i have yet to think of a final design for the room. She went your wardrobe need to move over to your little sister room already and you should start painting etc. Not only that, even Mr Fiance is telling me to start early but i am easily tired. Shift work and working as a nurse drains my energy easily.


This category make every couple go in excitement but both Mr Fiance and i made a deal to not have any honeymoon because we are still settling down in terms of finance and we thought of building up the savings after wedding as soon as we can. Plus, i have this urge to bring Mr Fiance to Brisbane & Manchester to show him the places i once went with my schoolmate. Of course, to show him my school in Manchester too! I find it pretty cool and exciting to bring my husband to places i have went before. Its like years ago, i was here as a single lady but now i am a wife already! Moreover, i am much more luckier than him. I managed to travel to several places during school time. So it seems like a good plan for me but Mr Fiance suggested we should delay travel trips and save up for Umrah first. So i shall see what Allah has in store for both of us. I am open to any as long as i have him to travel with. Anywhere anytime as long as we are travel buddies!


Seems like i am indeed making a progress but i think i have yet to secure many bookings yet. Majority is just survey and list down the ones i prefer only. Plus, few days ago mum suggested to me henna night and her wanting to engage ice cream vendor while i suddenly thought of photobooth which i managed to find 2 vendors of good price range. However, still deciding because the photobooth is more of a want and not a need. I want because its for the fun of it and to let my love ones enjoy it with the unlimited prints. So i am lost for choice yet again. I seriously need to start booking vendors. Mr Fiance even better, he have yet to even book any vendor nor buy anything except my ring! I hope i did not miss out of any other important things for the wedding though.

Macam gini, apa kata kita kahwin cowboy je lah awak! Atau kahwin larilah, lagipun parents dah agree, kita kahwin je! Go je, don’t scared.

Till a next proper detailed update dear memory-keeper?

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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    • Wsalam! I hope i can have her for my big day though but i will see how it goes. And thank you babe! Too many things and taking things too chill. Hahah but will make it through 🙂

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