Invitation Cards?

Salam ladies! 

A short update since i am making my way for my morning shift and couldn’t get a seat on the train as early as 0600 hours. I am in need of advice from ex-BTBs and BTBs! I am in a dilemma on whether should i just order from those ready-make vendors or do-it-yourself cards instead. I am very sure most of you would advice me to go JB but i am not keen in it due to both Mr Fiance and i having an often clashing of shift schedule. Moreover, i don’t have an accessibility for it too with my mother who is not in the complete pink of health, i don’t want to see her having giddy spells at another country instead.

I am actually very much interested in DIY my own invitation cards though my feel for designing it as yet to arrive, may i know if you know what software i could use or any template that i could refer to? Exchanging of ideas will be fun! 😊

If you do have any vendors to recommend which offer a good price range, do share! Your advice and sharing will be greatly appreciated by me! I would love to know what your viewers advice and recommendation are. Thank you in advance, ladies! 
I hope to hear recommendations and advices from you, viewers! Thank you for reading too!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ❤️


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