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12 months plus more before the big day and i am progressing very slowly. This happened when both your partner and yourself are the most ‘lepak‘ person ever or should i say lazy? But i managed to get 2 things off the checklist yesterday since i am out with my mother. There is just a thing with Mothers. They will know how to make you do it.

Wedding Shoe

I was out on a random date out with the Queen of my Hearts yesterday. Plan was just to get ice cream and window shopping but well, i ended up getting a pair of heels for my wedding shoe. I know its a year more but i ended up getting it after getting persuaded by my Mother. There is a thing about me that once i love it and its something that i have always visualize it to be, i will end up get it especially if its within a good price range. Plus, the design turned out to be the type that i have been visualizing anyway. So i got it at a good price too. Half price of a $100 since there was a discount too. I forgo the highest heels and decide to go for the middle range since i am very bad with heels. Sneaker lover for life! Hands down to sneakers! Mum was tearing in happiness as i tried the heels because she could already imagine me in my solemnization outfit with that heels. So now its time, i need to practice wearing it at home till the big day come, In shaa Allah! Its glittery silver but i shall make the picture black to reveal it at a later date.


Wedding Ring

Mr Fiance and i have been surveying for his ring since we wanted to know how much is the price range for Platinum ring cost. So we went to several outlets and our experiences for each store differs too.

  • Goldheart
    • Mr Fiance engagement ring was from Goldheart Celestial section plus i bought a ring that could be trade in and upgraded every 2 yearly for the exact cost-price but sadly, it doesn’t include the platinum ring. Anyway, the platinum ring designs does not attract him and the price range for the design available was just not to our preference. We went to 2 different outlets, services received also differs. The first outlet was not to our standard. The sales person was not really keen in attending us as compared to the other outlet.
  • Love & Co.
    • Service was AMAZING! We were attended by this sales person named Kit Kit, a Myanmar lady (Westgate Outlet). She was super friendly and nice. She took her time to let Mr Fiance scanned through all the designs and try out as much as he wants.
    • Love & Co. allows us to choose the design we prefer and they will make it into Platinum but the cost price is 2.7 times more than the cost price of the design ring in white gold. The designs at Love & Co. were too many and of course, i know Mr Fiance loves some of it but the price range does not catch his eye since he is particular about it. But on another hand, i am totally fine with it because it will be the first gift i can ever give him as a wife but he being cheeky, he went, ‘i already received an amazing gift and that is you as my wife’.
    • Plus, if you ever choose a ring from Love & Co. they need 3-4 months to get the ring ready and one the ring ready and you got to alter the size etc, they need another 3-4 months more. Eventually you need about 6 to 8 months before your ring is ready, so of course, got to plan time well.
    • Their after service care is also chargeable if i remember correctly and they don’t encourage constant polishing and it will make the ring thinner.
    • Overall: Good service, Good design range but price range over budget for Mr Fiance preference which is about 2k to 3k plus above.
  • Venus Tears
    • So i googled about platinum rings and this shop name came about. There were many good reviews so we went ahead to check it out at JEM outlet. The shop is small but the service was good too! We were served by this lady name Rain! I could still remember this people name because good impression stays forever. That day we went was two days before Valentine day. Apparently, they had many promotion going on. Mr Fiance likes a few of their ring collection and their price range was cheaper than the other outlet we have checked.
    • Price range: cheapest we enquired was 1.5k and the most expensive we came across was 2.5k. Of course, they were having promotion sales so there were further discount and i was already persuading Mr Fiance to get it but we didn’t since we wanted to survey more.
    • After care service are good. They offer life time warranty in terms of sizing (up to 2 times free only) and polishing too. If we made appointment the next time, we get further deduction of the cost price which was about $40.
  • Soo Kee
    • We went for another round of survey on another day after my work end. Head over to Soo Kee, a day before Valentine day. They have wide range of platinum rings and the price range is even more awesome with the further add on of discount. Service was good too but i didn’t asked the lady name that served us because i was too tired from morning shift.
    • Price range: $900 to $1200 (for simple clean design)
    • Duration period: about 1 month to 3 months waiting time
    • We forgo the thought of getting it from Venus Tears since we found a better option which was Soo Kee but we ended up didn’t buy it because i was rushing home. Furthermore, we thought maybe we will drop by another day when we are free

We went to other shops like SK and Taka but they did not carry any platinum rings plus we totally did not even plan of entering Citigems. We wanted to survey Lee Hwa and also Lovis diamond but we were both too scared of how the shop looked like from outside since the standard is high especially Lee Hwa. We didn’t went into Lovis because maybe there will be more diamonds than platinum and we were already tired of surveying rings. But deep inside, we both wanted to enter Lee Hwa because out of many jewellery shop i still prefer Lee Hwa.

I have been telling mum how much i wanted to enter Lee Hwa so yesterday during out time together, my mum literally made me walked into Lee Hwa to survey diamond rings and of course, i took that opportunity to survey his rings too. I am totally in love with Lee Hwa Destinee collection. I was already in love with a ring from Goldheart but i read reviews about their diamond and it made me think twice again. However, yesterday was just too much for me to handle. Their collection and their service. My mum was the excited person. I know i should be doing all this with my partner but it was fun to do it with my mum. Afterall, she was the one who have been there since day 1 till now. She knows me more inside out and can give feedback as an adult and as a mother too. We looked at all the diamond rings from solitaire collection to destinee collection. I tried most of the rings that catches my eyes. The price range is a pain to your heart but the the person attending to me informed me that he can meet to our budget and find out a smaller carat ring etc from other shop or back at their HQ. My ring is still on hold because i will be coming down another day with Mr Fiance and probably during my birthday month to enjoy the member benefits.

What i managed to do was to get Mr Fiance ring instead! I swear i was too happy because their price range was too good to be true. Though they offer making platinum ring based on the design we like but he did not encourage because its expensive and not worth it. See how two shops offer same service but 2 different people giving different opinions. So he took out 4 different designs of platinum rings and only 1 design was of Mr Fiance taste. Discussed with Mr Fiance on the phone and work out a deal with this sales person since Mr Fiance was not there. He gave some special options and was kind enough to meet to my needs. So yesterday, 19 February 2017, i bought a ring for Mr Fiance! Alhamdulillah! I felt so happy like as if a weight was off from my shoulder. I know it seems like its still early but since i have found a ring that he love (after how any outlets we surveyed together, his preferred ring design is in my head) and it was on a good price bargain. Let just say Allah has destined it to happen that way. We plan but Allah make the final decision. I managed to get it done according to what i have always wished for Mr Fiance! Alhamdulillah! I see myself going Lee Hwa in the near future if dimurahkan rezeki. The look of the shop may shows how expensive it is but i change my thought about that totally after my experience yesterday. I will never forget yesterday because indeed it was a memorable day for me to safe-keep for the rest of my life.

Next up, appointment with HDB on March 7, 2016 for our signing of agreement lease. With my mother already hinting that she wish to have a henna party the day before, so managed to survey a few henna artist quotation price range too. Slowly but surely, i will be done with the preparations but i need to remember that Allah is the one that is in control of everything while i need to be thankful for whatever that has happened and about to happen.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


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