Yung Kuang Court

Lets do some update on BTO since there isn’t much progress on wedding preparation other than surveying for wedding rings which was actually fun yet confusing though. It will be a lengthy post ahead, so beware.

Selection of Unit

So on the appointment date itself, i made my way to Toa Payoh HDB Hub with my mother. My mother being well, of course, my mother. She kept asking me if we will reach earlier than the appointment date because if we reach earlier, you can choose earlier and you will surely get a unit. Of course, that explains the over-excited mother of mine and true enough, we reached earlier by 30-45 minutes but no, i did not adhere to her wants of going to the place as soon as we reach the Toa Payoh MRT Station. I made her ate her breakfast because she cannot go without food or next thing i know, she will have her dizzy spells.

As stupid as this sound, i lost my way to HDB Hub (laugh). My mother scolded me for losing our way because that means we are losing out on time. My mother yet again. Soon, we arrived and i took my queue number. It was very early so there wasn’t much people either. There were a few chinese couple and around 1/2 malay couple nearby us. We sat and patiently wait for our turn. There was this television show casing their estate areas with the number of units left but its not updated so i did not bother looking. My mum kept looking at it and bugging me to search on the website since their website is updated regularly. So i did and there was still 2 units left for Malay quota. Mr Fiance is not someone that will text during work just like me but that day was an exception. All he did was texting me and asking if everything was alright. He even specifically informed that if he need to be there, he will take urgent leave even though he is still on probation. That shows how much he wants this unit too but of course, i assured him i could handle everything provided there is still unit left for selection.

Soon, it was our turn. Since its a temporary office, its not entirely a room. Its like an office with separated tables etc like how teachers will seat at their desk table in teachers room, if you can imagine. So my mother and i got greeted by an Indian lady. She is nice but yet scary. Maybe because its still early in the morning. So once seated she asked for all the necessary documents. Mr Fiance authorised my mother to be there on his behalf but apparently, the authorisation letter was not even a need since i was already there but the staff informed that during the signing of agreement lease, both parties need to be there unless you don’t mind paying hundreds for a lawyer for letter of Attorney.

I have filed all my documents nicely and even label each divider accordingly. So when the staff needs this or that document, i just got to flip to the specific divider. I am also someone that over-prepared but the over-preparation was more to AHG/SHG grant application which i will describe separately in the later part. Since i was busy handling paper work with the staff, my mum and Mr Fiance started texting each other. My mother updated every single thing but at the same time, she kept whispering to my ears, ‘so is it confirmed that you already get the unit?’ and i just shrugged my shoulder. Then she will give me this look of ‘ALAAAAAAAA‘. Till she can’t hold it back anymore, she asked the staff, ‘so is it confirmed that my daughter will get a unit already?’ and the staff replied, ‘before selection, i need to settle the paper documents first’. So after much of surrendering of documents etc, it was time to SELECT MY UNIT!

So the staff went asking which block and level but i was like but there was only one block for me to choose. She went telling me they don’t know anything but of course, i did my homework the day before. Mr Fiance and i managed to get our first choice. It was that fast. However, while selecting and confirming i heard someone shouting in the background of my mother phone but i didn’t ask who since i was still busy. Subsequently, the staff went away from the desk table and i turned to my right to look at my mother. We went, ‘Alhamdulillah‘ for countless of times and our eyes were both filled with tears of joy. Imagine a mother and a daughter moment together. Then, mum played a voice memo and that shouting sound was actually Mr Fiance shouted ‘YAY‘ at work. I am truly blessed to get a unit of my own with my future husband especially when its 10-15 minutes walk to each of our respective parents abode. So i made the payment on the spot, thankfully my NETS approved the $2000 limit since i totally forgot what limit i set to. So i standby my other cards instead it got rejected. (After that went shopping and used the case card, got rejected at Challenger because i forgot i have reached the limit. PYSEI) But anyway, i will get that $2000 soon in a matter of time. It took around 30-45 minutes and the whole appointment ended again with my mother asking, ‘so my daughter confirmed get a unit already right?’ and the staff went, ‘Yes Mdm. Don’t worry, your daughter got a unit already’ and i was like not again Mom.

The whole journey after that was about my mother and i talking together about housing and renovation ideas. It did bring back tons of memories for my mother because she went to story-tell about her HDB experience with my dad. How she was so scared to go the appointment herself since dad was a sailor back then till dad need to have a lawyer for the letter of Attorney but ended up not using it because he was in Singapore. Even my dad was excited that he contacted mum and i could hear his happiness because he talked too loud.


This is pretty direct too because on the appointment date while selecting the units, if you are eligible for the grant they will automatically print the application form and asked you to sign. So which i have earlier described, i over-prepared all the necessary documents required for the application which includes all the past months payslips which thankfully i did it because i could ask certain questions along the way. Moreover, i was uncertain if they required Mr Fiance’s payslips since he was still serving National Service and allowance is not considered pay right? But the staff took away all his NS payslips and kept it. But of course, there was other pending documents since its a grant, they will not anyhow grant that to you without proper documents or further evaluating your income status. So one month period payslip of mine was not available because i was on no-pay-leave. So i got to sign extra document to prove that i was on no-pay-leave because i was undertaking my study during this period duration, something like you got to ‘angkat sumpah‘ but its on a paper. Mr Fiance and i came down another day together again because Mr Fiance got to sign that document to state which period to which period he was serving NS. The second time coming down, the staff was more friendly and everything ended within 5-10 minutes. But the waiting game was another killer. Thankfully, Mr Fiance part was all settle and they did not required other documents but they required many other documents from me. So i kept getting letters from HDB saying i have pending documents. I received around 3-4 letters stating they needed this document and after submitting, another letter came in and state they need these few others. It is that troublesome because probably i was on no-pay leave and subsequently, i resume service with my company. So there was loopholes here and there. Of course, to get grant will never be easy. Its a huge amount of money to begin with.

However, came the last letter, they state if i failed to meet to their documents needed, my unit that i selected may be cancelled which means i am going to lose my future dream home. Of course, the documents i could submit except one and that particular document has always been in the letters. Plus, HDBpage decided not to co-operate with me and i could not submit it online. However, i was lazy to make my way from Jurong to Toa Payoh too. So i remember i was assigned to a HDB liaison officer. I decided to submit an email with the attached documents with statement of unavailability to another of the document to HDB email, another attention to my liaison officer and also made my way to the nearest HDB office to submit it. Thankfully, this Malay uncle who worked at HDB helped me and i realised there was another way to submit documents online other than HDBpage. Of course, i learnt it the hard way. On the same day itself, i received a call from HDB confirming why i couldn’t submit this particular document then i got pretty annoyed till i said, ‘i took no-pay-leave because i self-sponsor my own study so of course, i won’t have any sponsorship agreement letter with my company’. After that call, i received email stating that are processing my grant and i will get the grant status in 6 weeks time.

Alhamdulillah! No more letters coming in and finally they are processing it. Around a week plus letter while checking email, came across an email from HDB stating i could check my grant status so in excitement i went to take a look and BAM! It was successful and Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. The grant amount was beyond our expectation and we are totally thankful for what Allah swt has set aside for us and our future. Rezeki.


So now, we are patiently waiting for a letter to tell us when is our appointment date to sign the agreement contract or whatever the word is. Plus, i am already sourcing out my future home designs slowly and also enquire from this specific interior design company. So i shall talk about my future dream house design and the interior design company once i am done with one cycle of night shift (4 nights) starting from tonight. Plus, our experience in searching for Mr Fiance’s wedding ring.

I think i am more excited about house than wedding, how like that?

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


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