Arab St/Geylang/Orchard

Finally, my off days are here after working on weekends and both of the public holidays. First off day was indeed a productive day out with Mum and Uncle for the first half of the day and subsequently, second half of the day with my girlfriend

Solemnization Outfit

I have yet to finalise my overall timeline plan for the wedding preparations but Mum insisted that i should go survey Arab Street and Geylang before making decision on what kind of outfit i would like to have for my wedding day. I planned to tailor my solemnization outfit instead but after surveying Geylang, i fell in love with one of the outfit instantly. There were a few outfit that i like but my eyes were set on one of it. It looks elegant and i actually can imagine myself wearing it for the wedding day already. The price was withing my affordable range though it is beyond my own budget that was set but based on Mr Fiance budget, it is still within range. High chances i may just go down and get that but i shall asked that boutique owner if she could make a new piece based on my measurements instead. Or if i found a better outfit then i shall forgo that then. Overall, the most expensive outfit that we enquired was $450 (bite fingernails).

There is hardly an outfit that i could find for Mr Fiance but saw one which i feel he may love it and the price is good range too. I took a picture and sent to Mr Fiance to receive a ‘I LIKE THAT’ and i guess, he may get that too unless there is a better outfit along the way

Reception Outfit

Mum and i fell in love with this particular set of couple wear which matched my wedding theme but after much consideration, i realised the outfit was really too mainstream for a bride and a groom to standout during a photo taking session. It looks more appropriate for Raya instead which Mr Fiance and i planned to get it if we ever reach there anytime soon. Plus, it is that cheap and affordable. So i decided to put that aside and try to find a more outstanding outfit which can be deem as a reception outfit for a bride. So came by this boutique shop and the owner recommended this dress which was a princess cut dress. At first i was all out against it because i am a simple girl and i can’t carry myself out elegantly in that kind of dress. However, i realised that kind of dress is suitable for a wedding reception and i can probably stand out as a bride. Though the colour is not totally into my theme since it’s only 1/3 of the dress but i love it. Now the problem is to survey a reception outfit for Mr Fiance that can match with that princess cut dress. If we manage to get one for Mr Fiance, i can always get that for myself and maybe request if they can make a new dress with the colour theme of my wedding. On a good note, it was within the budget range that Mr Fiance set but not for mine.

Lets sidetrack a little. I was browsing through all the outfits in the shop and kept looking at the colour range of the princess cutting dress. While washing my eyes on the pretty dresses, the Malay Mak Cik went, ‘nak pakai untuk TUNANG eh?’ and i was shocked but i turned around to give her a ‘HEH’ smile. Maybe i still looked young at the age of about to get engage or maybe that dress is only suitable for an engagement standard but not wedding standard? I can’t imagine a person buying that kind of dress just for an engagement because honestly, its overspending and its not a need. On another hand, i asked my mum if my taste was down and under for a wedding. But then again, i am planning a simple wedding with a cost that you don’t spend so much just because the society say so and just because you’re a girl.

Wedding Gift Trays

I planned to start getting the exchange gift trays in June but well, my mum insisted of me getting it for Mr Fiance since i was already at Geylang. I did not have a proper budget set aside for each of the item so i just go ahead with whatever i felt was nice for him without him being around me. So i bought two items and it was pretty to me. Took a picture of the shopping bag and eventually the items. He love it and i am super glad. I have slowly start while he have yet to even have one thing cancel off from the checklist but hey, it is still early right? So there isn’t a need to rush though.

Wedding Ring

So later in the evening, i met my girlfriend at Orchard. Its been so long ever since i reached there but that wasn’t the issue. The main issue here is i finally made my way to ORRO to check out their ring because on the website, it looked so pretty. But of course, I, being Syafiqahridz will always have panic and nervous attack over small issues like this. I am just not use to doing all this. Its more of feeling shy. Plus, the place was so quiet and there isn’t any other customers except my girlfriend and i.

The place was too much to handle because there were bling everywhere. First showroom, i was damn awkward and it was fast game. I only managed to try two different rings and that’s all. Mr Fiance asked me if i did took any photo and what was the cost price. So after having dinner, we went to another showroom and i pluck every courage of mine. I tried around 5 to 6 rings and asked the price range too. I only fell in love with one of the ring. Girlfriend managed to took some photos of mine but the salesperson told her off eventually after realising it halfway through. I love how the design was and it being a diamond stimulant, the price range is affordable especially when i will hardly even use the ring due to my job scope. The rings are all below $500 but if you prefer a ring for everyday wear, it will cost around $2000. Next up is to survey those jewellery shop that carry real diamond. Then i shall decide because i feel its not a need to start big. Buy something affordable because you will need a lot of cash for the start of the marriage especially in terms of housing and if you ever have a baby. Then slowly upgrade up. Wouldn’t it be more memorable for a husband to buy a diamond ring of your dream during a 5th or 10th wedding anniversary and you will go, ‘after all those years, i am still marry to this guy whom i say i do despite all those bitter sweet challenges and moments’ but well, to each of his own. As for now, i have yet to make my decision so there is still time for me to debate with myself.


Mr Fiance and my mother said that a year is fast and there are many things to do. As for me, i feel i still have a long way to go because its still far. That is how i chill i am. All the above managed to happen because my mum pester me to go and survey. If not, i doubt this post will be here anyway. Even mum has already start asking me about bridal room design ideas which i already have at the back of my head but i have yet to even plan it well. This includes the wedding cake too. I seriously wonder if i am doing it right in terms of planning a wedding but whatever it is, i am still a happy lady.

On a brighter note, i have yet to update on the selection of unit experience for my BTO and recently, i just got updated of my grant status. I shall update about it pretty soon.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


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