Wedding Date & Wedding Caterer

After all the fuss and hassle, we have finally agreed on a date since my mother insisted on having it during school holidays period. So Mr Fiance and me agreed to delay the wedding by a few weeks later since there will a school holiday in March. Moreover, we don’t want anymore hard time and negative remarks from my parents. It is that difficult and tiring to get an easy teamwork with them. You know elders being elders. All i know i just can’t wait to get it done and over with already.

By the title you can know that i am down with two major things. My mother have booked the catering that she and my dad wants. All i know is she is known as Aunty Bedah. Maybe the catering is Bedah catering? So i just have to agree even if i disagree because the more i disagree, the plan will never go forward. It will always be on-hold. The caterer that was booked is none other than her choice and the same caterer that my Aunt booked for my cousin wedding last year December. So we decided not to have any food tasting since my mum have been tasting her food at several other weddings too. Plus, there is of no point for me to taste since my parents have made up their mind. It is not those catering company well known in Facebook etc. Moreover, it is my grandparent’s friends and they are apparently actively involved in the Mosque activities just like my Grandmother. My parents feel safe with them so i shall just agree and not argue any further. First child, first daughter and first wedding event in the family for them. So they will want to be the key control of it. All i can do is pray i have the highest patience level ever.

My initial plan was not to have any dais and just a simple decoration because i refused to have any sanding. Reason was because i dislike sitting down and ‘showcasing’ myself to people whom i am not even close with. If i am ever force to do something i dislike or not even confident in doing, i will have a nerve wrecking moment till it stir my bowel badly and i will end up having a wedding in the toilet instead. Well, hopefully it won’t be that bad but my friends know me well enough in terms of my bowel habits. However, my mum insisted of me having my solemnization at the void deck instead and not the mosque which i plan to. Reason was she wanted to see the solemnization plus Mr Fiance did suggest to me if we can do it that way too but i really wanted to do it at a Mosque. Yet again, i gave in and just agreed to it because i do not have a choice. With the whole solemnization venue being changed, i have no choice but to take a proper decor & dais vendor. My plan and dream wedding is just not going to happen, never at all.

So in regards to decor & dais, my mum informed me that once the Aunty Bedah have the dais album we will make our way to her place to get it and look through it before making our decision. I told my mum i will see the album and make my decision to see if the design is worth for the price that they quote, if not, i will search for another alternative decor & dais vendors which cost around $1.8k/$2.2k/$2.8k. My mum agreed as of today but just wait and see till the actual day comes, it will be the opposite.

Its okay if the wedding planning is causing so much stress and unhappiness in me because its part of the hurdles towards building a Mosque in Jannah. Plus i know there will be a reason behind all the things that are happening. But one thing i pray for the most is Allah swt will bless our decision in marrying each other and bless our marriage with so much love and happiness, plus keep evil eyes away from it, In shaa Allah.

It must be those devil month with mood swings which made me extra emotional.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥



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