Survey and more survey

I know many couples usually book their vendors way earlier than their wedding day. Some can be as early as a year plus to two years before too but here i am scratching my head instead. I have been Facebook messaging or emailing more than 15 vendors to enquire regarding their quotation on catering/decor & dais/photography/make-up artist. Not all vendors quotation catches my attention because they are mainly way beyond my own budget which i expected it to be in the first place. Thankfully, i have 2 to 3 vendors that its within the budget for almost all the categories except for make-up artist because the ones i love are mostly booked for the preferred date of mine or some just refused to reply to my text messages even a week later. I can’t imagine engaging that kind of people for the big day if getting a simple response or acknowledgement is hard.

I need to come up with a comparison table for all the vendors quotation that i have enquired and eventually make a final 3 decision for each category before finalising on one vendor. Subsequently, to come up with 3 different plans since some vendors may be fully book instead. Mr Fiance and i are already having a huge headache over this especially. We can’t wait to get it done though. On a brighter note, we are excited for our house more! Plus, i have enquire the quotation from the interior designer company that i have been eyeing on ever since i looked through different ID(s) portfolio. Though the quotation is not a final price, it is something for me to consider.

Wedding versus House. I choose house because its going to be a long term investment as compared to wedding which will only be one or two day events.


Marriage versus House. I choose marriage because its a long time commitment with the person i say YES to spending the rest of my life with in good and bad times.

To each of his own views.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


2 thoughts on “Survey and more survey

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the opinions stated, money fly very very high seh just for one or two days of event. Anyway, good luck to you! We share the same wedding year hehe.


    • Hello there 2017 btb! Thank you for popping by! Hehe! Yea! I couldnt agree more but i guess thats how wedding roll uhh. Hahah. And thank you for the wishes! Read your blog, left 10 months for you right? Have a smooth planning ahead and enjoy the small little jitters here and there!


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