Such a killer till Ballot day

Its Sunday and work going to resume tomorrow. Since i have spare time, i shall continue with my HDB drama over my ballot queue number.

That’s the town map of my dream home. Refer to Yung Kuan Court instead and the ‘X’ marked in blue which is the estate that my parents are living in. It looks far in the town map but in reality, it is actually quite near to our parents place. We have good accessibility too from my point of view although there is no huge malls nearby or totally nearby a train station but we have been living in this estate since young, so we can’t imagine living elsewhere too. If you can see, there are other areas too coloured in orange which is some of the available units part of the SBF especially from Corporation Tiara which is completed already. However, there was only about 1/2 units left. Most completed flats with keys available only left with 3 or lesser units. So chances of you getting that will also be very slim which explains why i agreed to apply eventually.


Lets focus on my ballot queue number but before that, refer to the above image under the ‘4-room’ category. As you can see, there were 165 supply of flats which is actually high in number but lets draw down to ‘Malay’ ethnic quota, it is only 39! So of course the chances of myself and Mr Fiance getting a unit is also very slim but we just applied and leave it to Allah swt to guide us through. I have been hearing many negative outcomes in regards to SBF. My mum’s colleague have been applying SBF for three times and she didn’t manage to get a unit of her own and eventually tried for BTO which ended up a success application. Plus with my cousin experience too. So that negative information totally get into me and it makes me unsettled. However, i tell myself not to think so much because if its fated to be for Mr Fiance and myself, it will be no matter what.

So two months later around July… The ballot queue number came out and it was 257! Mind you, 257 out of 165 with Malay quota of only 39, mana ada harapan gang? So i got very disappointed and i put the matter aside. I started to think of back-up plans like which is the best next area that i could apply. I kept looking at the upcoming launches and most BTO will be in Bukit Batok. So discussed with Mr Fiance and he agreed. So our plan was to wait patiently for the next sale launch to open. However, my mum kept turning down my plans and insisted of me finding a house in Jurong till she said, ‘you can stay here as long as you want until you have a house in Jurong’. That sums up on how much my mum is very dependent on me.

Life goes on. Future plan continues. Discussion ongoing until one day, my heart start to feel about the house again, roughly around November. So i started to go to HDB page and checked out the number of available units left and to my surprise there was still a good number left for Malay Quota. So i started googling about HDB things and read this particular blogger on how to check out if you have any appointment date with the HDB and if your turn is coming soon. After reading the blog, i immediately went to check out my appointment date if there is any and guess what?!


After seeing the date and getting excited, i suddenly just realised that my roster was out and i did not even request so i quickly refer to my roster schedule and Alhamdulillah, i was schedules as off on that particular date by chance. That was how amazing Allah has destine my life to be where it was suppose to be. However, the waiting game to December 9 was another issue. Its another few more weeks and anything can happen anytime. So i decided to keep the news just between Mr Fiance and myself since i know how it will make my mum hope.

But… The following day after i got the news, my mum rushed home after work and shouted at the door with a HDB package in hand. She was so excited and said, ‘Iqah! kau dapat rumah, kau dapat rumah’ and i was like no, its not confirmed yet and i know already about it but i refused to inform you since its not confirm. The most excited person was my mum and i was not kidding. The conversation i had with her most of the time was about the house.

Reality check, i got disappointed once after pinning my high hope on it. So i tell myself that this time i shall not think about it and just go with the flow since there is a few more weeks to go before its my turn. So almost everyday to every alternate day, i will go to HDB site to check on the units left for Malay. Some days it will get lessen by 1 or worse is by 3/4 and on good days, the number didn’t get lesser at all. It is that torturing, no kidding. The documents required for the appointment date was really too much but i refused to prepare it since i do not even know if i will get a chance. So i delayed the document process until the last few days of the week before the appointment date. That made me feel so stress because CPF system was down and we couldn’t retrieve our Yearly Statement of Account. I was on no pay leave and my pay slips, majority of it, i could not retrieve from the system and i need to contact my HR. This is really a last minute kind of person but in reality, i am not a last minute person and i hate it. Reason why, obviously, i don’t want to have high hope. Thankfully, by weekend, all the documents was up after much hassle.

December 9 was on Wednesday. So there is two days to go before that. So i just keep on looking at the availability of the units and on Monday, i remembered the units under Malay just went down in number drastically. If i remember correctly, just left with 3! Pasrah gang! I talked with my mum and she said just pray and pray for the best. If it is yours, it will be yours. So Tuesday came and i tell myself not to even look at the units until i ended my shift that night but Mr Fiance was the one who keep on looking at it and updating me instead. Alamak this guy! So finally it left with just 2 units on Tuesday night and i checked out that there is 3 queue number before my turn. So again, its really nerve wrecking experience.

Mr Fiance and myself met the night before to finalise the documents needed and to see the units that we can select according to our most preferred to least preferred. Reason being was because Mr Fiance could not make it for the appointment date due to work commitment. So that is one of the necessary thing a couple should do! Plan and write down your prefer units accordingly so that the next day it will be easy for you. We were not fussy and we agreed mutually on the units. I remembered i was left with level 13 (1 unit), level 7 (1 unit) followed by level 4, 3 and 2. Lower units were be the least preferred choice. I am particular about pricing too because my aim was not to overstretch our finance so much since along the way, we will age and health deteriorate and soon enough we will be having more commitments too like children and their education. Plus, the units available got to depends on few other things too. In particular, is the house very near the chute and staircase as refer to below picture.


After discussion and all settle, it was just left with the next upcoming day, our appointment date. Mr Fiance and i really pray that we will get it that we had a mutual deal between us and mum said it was a good kind of thought. So i thought i won’t be able to sleep thinking of it but i ended up in a deep sleep anyway because shift work drains my energy out totally.

So much drama and emotions right? This is just the waiting game. Wait till you hear the drama for the actual day itself between my mother and myself with Mr Fiance via mobile phone.

Dear self, you need to really start your wedding preparations!

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


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