SBF May 15 Application

Finally i am done with my 2 days course which required me to put in more efforts since i failed my pre-test but Alhamdulillah, managed to pass the post-test and the practical sessions too. Now that aside since its time for my work-life balance to come into the picture.

So as stated in the previous post, its a norm that most couple would have applied for their first ever build-to-order (BTO) since they are planning to get marry few years down the road. So we are one of them too. Actually, we do not need to rush to have a place of our own since both of our sides have a room which we can stay in till there is a sale launch at a appropriate venue and when we think we are more financially stable. However, me being myself, i know few years down the road, you can’t guarantee that you will get a unit in your dream area and prices will start to increase too. Adding on, once your other half start to stay with your own family, you will never know if things will get pretty rough between your family and your partner.

Mr Fiance and myself, our parents house are just 2 blocks away and we, being very close to our own respective mother just make it even harder not to have our future home nearby them. We are more to family oriented individual but Mr Fiance is also career driven in a sense that work life balance is there but only after he got the momentum of the work. However, i am not career driven girl. My dream is to be a housewife but of course, working part-time will be great too! So i told Mr Fiance that i need our new home to be near our parents which was within the same district. It will be easier for me to take care of our parents since Mr Fiance elder sister stay even further. Of course, i will be the next person who needs to help out on behalf of him. Moreover, my mum is not really in the pink of health and she is very dependent on me. So that sums up everything on why i need to stay near my parents. Sadly, sale launch in Jurong is very rare.

So during the time when we were still in the getting to know-dating zone, there was a sale launch in Jurong area, about 4 to 5 bus-stops away from our parents place. I was still undertaking my degree while he was serving the nation. I really wanted to apply but Mr Fiance turned down the idea because he planned to further his studies after he completed his National Service. I was so disappointed because i felt that was my one and only chance and he burnt it. Life goes on and we ended up getting engaged anyway.

So around 1 to 2 years later, there was another sale launch in May 2015 but this time, Jurong area falls under the Sales of Balance Flat (SBF). This time the area that i was madly in love with was only 2 bus-stops away or 4 bus-stops away depending on which route i am taking from my parents place. That time, i already resume my service with my company and Mr Fiance is about to complete his national service in about 4 months time. Moreover, he decided to work first before furthering his study since we started to be serious about each other and our future together. So this time, Mr Fiance agreed and wanted to apply but on another hand, i was still hesitant because SBF are already in progress of building and will be completed in a few years time as compared to BTO. However, some units under SBF is already up and keys are available which means if the leftover units are those upon our selection turn, we need to pay 10% downpayment and subsequently, the monthly payment too. Plus, we need to get marry as soon as possible to show our certificate of marriage. I freaked out with all the money digits in my mind so i took my time to read through all the necessary information on HDB page and did my own calculations in terms of our CPF amount balance in Ordinary Account (OA), my payslip and how much i am contributing to my CPF OA monthly without calculating Mr Fiance part since he have yet to start working. After sometime and after talking to my parents, i agreed and i proceed in applying for SBF May 2015 under Jurong West district.

It was my first time and i did it alone since Mr Fiance was in camp. Moreover, i am brought up by my parents in a way that i need to find out everything on my own and learn my way through. So i did my own research, read up and planning. I felt anxious and also confused since i know nuts about it but the application was straightforward. All you need was undivided attention of yours for about 15-30 minutes provided you have all the necessary information in your hands. If not, it will end up like me which require longer time and i kept reapplying since i exited halfway through to get the necessary information from my other half. If anybody needs any help, i am more than glad to help you especially my friends who will be applying in the near future.

I shall touch on two pointers that i felt it made me confused but i made the right decision after i confirmed with few of my family members like my Aunt who helped my cousin in his HDB application. The rest is really straightforward for me, if not just do it with your partner or under experience Adult supervision i suppose?

  • I applied under the Fiance/Fiancee scheme but the dream area that i would love to get was nearby my parents place so i also applied under the Married-Child Priority Scheme too to increase the chances of me getting the unit. At first i was hesitant because of the word ‘Married’ and ‘Child’. However, i took my time to read through and it stated that you can also applied for that scheme even if you chosen the Fiance/Fiancee scheme but of course, one of the applicant’s parents must be staying nearby the estate and also meet the eligibility criteria


  • When you apply for Married-Child Priority Scheme, please indicate the name of Applicant 1 whose parents are the one staying within the same estate. I could either choose my parents or his parents but of course, i put his name as Applicant 1 without realising that they will eventually asked for his parents details. So that was my mistake and i started to rush him to get his parents details since i only knew my parents details. Best advice, just get all the details from both side of family if you don’t want to go through the hassle at the very last minute. Doing a little more for your future is pretty okay rather than you do it the wrong way.

So after you fill up all the necessary information, you will need to pay $10 application fee via credit card/mastercard which is non-refundable. Then you wait patiently for your ballot queue number to be out. For SBF, the waiting game kills because you need to wait for 2 months. So, you pray and you dream of your future home with your family and partner till it gave you high hope just like me and halfway through you got very devastated once you knew your queue ballot number two months later.

I will update the waiting process and also, my ballot queue number that i got. I hope i can still remember the number since it happened quite a long time ago and i open up this space for myself to remember the event details. Things that worth to be treasured and shared with too.

I have yet to even start my wedding preparation which include my checklist and here i am still procrastinating. Tell me that i am a normal BTB since i am only about 13 months away from my Big Day.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥



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