We held our Engagement after Zuhur prayers as discussed which was roughly around 1430 hours. My close family members started coming in around 1300 hours together with my representatives which was my grandmother’s little sister’s husband. I was getting ready in my room while they were strolling in with the the help of my close friend. On that day, i had trouble with my hijab for the first time because i was trying to wear a headpiece over it and it was my first time ever. Thankfully, my close friend came over and rescued me. Plus, i did not have book any make-up artist. So, i did my own make-up for the first time and my Engagement dress was bought by Mr Fiance at a good deal since Ayuapprels was having sale few months back before we even finalise our Engagement date. Honestly, i always go out with bare face so on the actual day with make-up on, i felt so unsettle and anxious because i felt it wasn’t me. Actually i felt ugly with it, thoughts of a low esteem girl but little sister kept telling me i looked pretty. I only calmed down few hours later.

Initial plan was to sit at the living room and made my room out of bound since both mum and i was trying to make space for my upcoming wedding bedroom for future husband and me in the future, so it was rather unpleasant looking. But mission failed miserably as usual.

Mr Fiance lived exactly two blocks away from me and it is only roughly 5 to 10 minutes walk or maybe even faster. So when Mr Fiance texted me and said that his family side just left the house, i started to be more anxious and nervous. Best part, i was hiding in the room with my close friend and we both were trying to keep calm by doing some, well, i shall leave it behind my room doors only then. The feeling that i am going to be someone’s Fiancee in a few minutes time just suddenly came into me and it seems unbelievable.

I had a short conversation with my close friend and i said that after all those hurdles, i found my answer that i have been searching. I have always tried to find the person but i guess the person has all along been in my life since young just that Allah send him back to my life again at the right time because maybe, Allah feels i was ready by then. Even i asked myself if i was ready to be a Fiancee since there will be a lot of more responsibilities and i am the best i can ever be to an amazing guy like him.

A short reflection and flashback of memories just struck me and Alhamdulillah, i am glad i went through it all because now, i am engaged to the most understanding and supportive Fiance. I pray our future will be as sweet as now or even better.

As that conversation and reflections was ongoing, the noises outside suddenly quieten down and i could see his family streaming in. Then i got asked to sit outside and i started having my tachycardia moments. My face was damn stress and awkward as shared by many. While the representatives from both sides of our family were discussing and talking, suddenly both Mr Fiance’s mother and grandmother came up to me to put on the ring on my finger on behalf of their son/grandson. I was shocked and i starting to feel that i was having rigors instead. It happened too fast and i wasn’t ready actually because initially, i thought the ring scene will come in after the representatives finished discussing. Even Mr Fiance’s best friend was shocked and quickly rushed in to take picture of the ring scene.
IMG_0089 (1)


♥ I became Mr SB’s Fiancee as soon as the ring was on my fourth finger ♥

After that, the representatives continued with their discussion again followed by prayers. The whole event went smoothly and subsequently, we had short photo shoot by Mr Fiance’s best friend while some start to fill their tummy with food and drinks. That day was the first time our fathers met and started their first conversation since our mothers knew each other since we were young. It was such a beautiful sight to see. After Mr Fiance’s family left, my Fiance came by and looking at his face reaction seeing me, i bet it left him stunned till he forget to salam my grandfather. All the photos are available at my Facebook album instead. I shall upload some for the eyes. Try to spot my Mr Fiance!

After the event end, there was a lot of cleaning need to be done and Mr Fiance helped me out and we proceeded to his place after that to help with packing of the food to give to his neighbours. All is well now and it was the most memorable day of my life thus far! I can’t wait for our wedding day and the life we will be building together after that.

That sums up my Engagement day with a Red Theme if you can see it. Its a norm that most engaged couple will apply a house by then, so do we. I shall blog about our housing application experience next time.

Lots of love,

Ms SR ♥


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